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Flipping burgers may not be the ideal start to attain celebrity status in life. And yet many famous people have been known to start their careers at McDonalds. With the giant fast-food chain now spread all over the globe and an iconic symbol of American pop culture, it is time to celebrate the alumni of the famous burger chain who went on to greater things in the world.

Sharon Stone

Having recovered from near-complete destruction during the Second World War and survived the negative consequences of socialism, today Poland is a rising economy and considered one of the fastest growing in the European Union. Here is a list of individuals who have made some of that possible and thus count as the richest men in the country.

Jan Kulczyk

Being wealthy is not always a result of being born wealthy. life-histories of many billionaires today shows that with talent, entrepreneurial spirit and the right opportunities, a person of humble parentage can go on to become a success story and an inspiration to many more. Here are ten 10 top billionaires of the world today who made their own fortunes.

Even though one of the smallest counties in Asia, Philippines has a healthy economy, mainly dependent upon its ports and remittances from all over the world. Thus it comes as no surprise to find that at a time when other Asian economies are losing steam, Philippines continues to surge ahead. In the first quarter 2012, according to Forbes1, the Philippine economy grew 6.4% in the last quarter, driven by an ongoing consumer boom and a surge in tourism and outsourcing.

Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine threw off the shackles of a closed economy and embraced market economy after 1991. However it has not been a smooth ride for the country, first struggling with recession and then buffeted by the effects of 2008 global slump. Even then many entrepreneurs from Ukraine have made it good and eight of them even figure on Forbes 2012 World Billionaire List1. Here are some of the richest men in Ukraine what they are worth.

Despite being a relatively new country, Israel has one of the most developed economies of the world. To a great extent it owes to a long tradition of Jewish financiers and entrepreneurs but many among them have also made their fortunes in shipping, high-tech, diamonds, movies and industry. Here is a brief account of the richest men in Israel today.

Mexico is the first Latin American member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD and considered an upper-middle income country by the World Bank. It is an important economic force in the region, especially among Latin American countries. Here are some of the richest men in Mexico.
Carlos Slim Helu

Even though Ireland was largely bypassed during the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century, it saw a dramatic economic reversal in the 1990s. Nicknamed the ‘Celtic Tiger’, the Irish economy experienced massive surge in the period 1995-2007. Part of this was driven by relatively low corporate tax which encouraged globally recognized companies like Dell, Intel and Microsoft to set base in Ireland while part of it was due to professionalization of financial services like banking, investment and insurance.

A founding member of ASEAN and a member of the G-20 major economies, Indonesia is the world's sixteenth largest economy of the world by nominal GDP and fifteenth largest by purchasing power parity. In 2011, Indonesia’s GDP, 70% of which is based on its domestic economy, was on track to expand 6%  while the stock market rose 3%, helping boost the combined wealth of its 40 richest by 19% to $85.1 billion1. Here is a list of the richest men in Indonesia on the basis of their net worth evaluated in US dollars.
R. Budi Hartono

France was one of the largest economies of the world to experience a substantial jump in the number of its millionaires from 2010 to 2011. In 2012 it is estimated that there are 20,000 millionaire households in the country, a jump of 10,000 as compared to the previous year. Here are some of the richest men in France, most of who figure on the list of world’s billionaires as well.


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