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Germany is the fifth country in the world with the highest number of wealthy individuals. On the 2012 Forbes List of World’s billionaires1, there are 52 billionaires from Germany. Despite the Euro-crisis having its effect across the whole of the continent, the top 100 richest Germans have managed to increase their fortunes by 6.5 percent over the past 12 months2. Here is a brief account of the richest men in Germany and the source of their wealth.

Although a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is one of the leading international financial centers of the world. It has a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade – conditions which have catapulted many a Hong Kong businessman into the club of the super rich. Based upon Forbes 2012 List of World Billionaires1, here are some of the richest men in Hong Kong.

Even though Finland is one of the sparsely populated countries in Europe, it has one of the best standards of living among all the nations of the world. With recent industrialization, universal social security, long-term political stability and a developed educational system, Finland is globally recognized as one of the best places to live and work. Here are some of the richest Finns who have benefited from their country’s opportunities and made it big in their country as well as the world.

Anti Herlinn

Greece has been one of the countries hit hardest by the ongoing Eurozone crisis. Financial troubles forced its people to the streets and its fellow European nations to negotiations about bailing it out. However the elite of Greece economy appear to be little perturbed by the country’s financial crisis and if media reports1 are to be believed, continue with their usual luxurious lifestyle, albeit keeping a low profile in the uber rich resorts of Europe. Here are some men of Greek origin that you can expect to find on the luxury playing grounds of the world.

One of the oldest civilizations on earth and the country with the largest human population, China is the world's second-largest economy, after the United States, by both nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. Since the introduction of economic reforms in the late 1970s in the country, China has become the world's fastest-growing major economy and a global power. Here are some of the richest men in China whose successes have continued to drive the nation’s economic growth.

Despite still being a largely male-dominated economy, Chile has witnessed the rise of a woman at the top of its rich list. The wealthiest individual in Chile is mining tycoon Iris Fontbana with a net worth of $18.4 billion USD who owes her top ranking to the vast holdings founded by her deceased husband Croatian born Andrónico Luksic. Nevertheless, other names on the list of richest people in Chile are male and here are the most prominent among them.

Eliodoro and Bernado Matte Larrain

Brazil is the biggest economic power in the South American continent. According to the Forbes List of 2012 World Billionaires by US dollar, there were 34 Brazilians included in that uber-rich group. Even in terms of Brazilian currency, there are 74 individuals and families in Brazil who can call themselves billionaires. Here is however a list of the richest Brazilian men, according to Forbes rankings and in evaluated in terms of US dollars1.

Eike Batista

Despite being a country with a relatively newer history of modern civilization, Australia is a highly developed country today. It is not only the world's 12th-largest economy but has the world's sixth-highest per capita income. Best of all the country is high one of the highest social development scale as well – one of the ways this is evident is the socio-economic development of women here. Indeed the richest person in Australia currently is a woman - the mining tycoon Gina Rhinehart as is its prime minister, Julia Gillard.

One of the earliest places in the world to have a highly developed civilization, Egypt is also blessed with wide-ranging natural resources. Little wonder then that many Egyptians have utilized the business opportunities in their land and are now among the billionaires of the world. Here is a brief account of the richest men in Egypt.$MM-DATING3-OPTIN$

Nassef Sawaris

Naturally endowed with natural resources and minerals, it is no wonder that Norway is among the wealthiest nations of the world. However what is incredible is the high quality of life enjoyed by the vast majority of its citizens. Indeed Norway has always figured among the top nations on the human development index scale. Here are some of the richest men in Norway who made best use of their social and economic opportunities to figure among the world’s billionaires1.$MM-DATING3-OPTIN$

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