Wealthy dating

Almost every woman dreams of being romanced in style. Vacations at private islands, shopping at high-end fashion stores and being lavished with expensive gifts – all this and more are for the picking for women who have found wealthy partners. Setting about to meet rich men needs a plan and what better place to begin your search than in Denver which goes by the promising nickname of ‘Mile-High City’.

If you dream of being romanced in style, from vacations in private islands to Cartier solitaires on your fingers, your best bet is to date single men, loaded with the greenbacks. However, the most crucial part about dating the rich guys, is to know where to look for them. They are not your average guy-next-door, who you can come across at the coffee shop around the kerb or at the grocery store. Single rich men hang around only in special places when they are not shut up in their offices, working to make more millions.

Well, this one’s easy. Hell, yeah…you should. Now if the question was 'Should you marry a man poorer than yourself?' then that would have to be one persuasive article…unless you’re in an Adam Sandler movie. But this is a no-brainer.

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Single rich men are the stuff of many female fantasies. Who wouldn’t like a life of luxury and resources which can make your most extravagant desires come true? And yet it is only to be expected that men who have made their way in the world can spot a gold digger from miles away and are unlikely to be tempted to a relationship where the only attraction is the size of their bank account. So here are a few tips on dating wealthy men but not come across as a gold digger.

Professional baseball players, apart from being the pin-up boys of one of the most popular and exciting games, are paid handsomely and lead the life of a celebrity. This along with their rugged good looks, makes them one of the most desired partners for dating. So if you dream of being a baseball girlfriend yourself, here are a few ways you can meet and date the pros.

Hang out at the stadiums

Appearance is an extremely important part of attracting men and the richer they are, the more particular their preferences. Apart from signifying your own desirability, dressing well also makes you immediately identifiable by the wealthy and successful. So even if you are not rich yourself, if you are appropriate to a wealthy guy’s taste, you have the potential to be his partner. Herein lies the importance of dressing the part, especially with the goal of attracting rich men.

Start with the basics

Even in these times of internet billionaires and mercurial stocks, old money has continued to command respect and admiration. Families who have inherited property and businesses over several generations not only wield immense clout among the decision-makers of society but are often associated with the finest lifestyles. So if you are single and looking to bask in the glow of established lineage and privilege, here are a few tips which may help you to marry into old money.

Educate yourself

Doctors command a great deal of prestige and respect in society for the kind of work they are associated with. Add to this a healthy income and you have one of the most attractive potential partners for marriage. At the same time a doctor as a spouse has its share of challenges as well. So if you are thinking of getting hitched to a white coat, here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Relationship experts believe that confidence is only second to beauty as the most attractive trait in a woman. And when you are dating a rich guy who is used to being surrounded by smart and successful people, it becomes even more important to display self-assurance and poise. Here are a few tips on appearing confident before men especially when dating a rich one among them.

Take care of your appearance

It takes little effort to come across wealthy men who are looking for a fling. But when it comes to meeting successful men who are interested in something more committed and long term, that is when you need to get ready to do some hard work. However to make your search a wee bit easier, here is a list of ten places where you can find wealthy men looking for wives.


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