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As the financial and cultural nerve center of West Yorkshire Urban Area, Leeds is the second-largest business and commercial hub in UK, next only to London. Thus Leeds is a good choice if you are looking for wealthy singles to date. The city has ample social and cultural interests along with economic opportunities, which makes Leeds a great place where one can work, live and love.

Ever since the mid-thirteenth century when Stockholm was founded on the south-central east coast of Sweden, the city has been an important economic, cultural and political center in the whole of Scandinavia. Besides the city also constitutes the most populated urban area of the region. All these factors imply that Stockholm is one of the best places in the northern part of Europe to meet men who are successful and seeking an active social life.

A college degree is not always a surefire recipe for success. This is evident from the incredible number of college dropouts who went on to garner both professional and financial acclaim in a world which toasts Ivy League graduates. In fact according to a Forbes report 1 which tracked the education level of 234 U.S. billionaires through 1999, 41--that's 18%--never got their college diplomas and two never even finished high school.

Lying in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire County, Leeds is the most important financial and cultural city of West Yorkshire in UK. Apart from that it is also the largest center for finance and commerce in the country after London. this significance of Leeds in national life not only makes the city a great place to live and work but also an ideal setting if you are looking to meet and date rich single men.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the island country of Iceland. Despite having the smallest population among the NATO countries, Iceland is the fourth most productive country per capita and ranked quite high – at the seventeenth place – on the United Nations Development Index in 2010. Thus if you are attracted to the Norse culture and want to live it up, here are a few tips on how you can meet and date rich men in Iceland.

Apart from being the capital city of Spain, Madrid is also the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin. First built as a second century B.C Roman settlement on the Mascarenes River, from which probably the name Madrid evolved, the city is today  a thriving center of finance, politics and culture not only of the country but of the southern part of the European continent as well. And so if you find yourself in this beautiful city, you can use the following tips to find yourself a rich man to give you some cozy company.

Hip-hop music often talks of the difficult life on the street and desire to move to a better way of life. Many of today’s top rappers have actually emerged from challenging circumstances; often simultaneously working as singers, producers, song-writers and choreographers, they have struggled hard to make a name for themselves in the world of music. The following are ten top rappers whose  efforts have been crowned with fame and success.

For over a millennia of its existence, Prague has been one of the most important centers of religion, politics and culture in central Europe. Today as the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is not only a political and administrative power hub but also an important cultural destination of this part of the continent. No wonder then that Prague is home to successful entrepreneurs and professionals and an ideal place to meet rich single men.

The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is also the second-biggest metropolitan area in the entire continent. Formally known as the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it is widely regarded as the most cosmopolitan city of South America for its rich cultural heritage as well as a vibrant contemporary feel. With the literal translation of its name as Fair Wind, the city truly exists as one of the best places in the world to live and love, particularly if you are fond of doing it in style.

Known by various names through history, St Petersburg remains one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of Russia. Perched on the eastern tip of the Baltic Sea and on the Neva River, St Petersburg is the second largest city of the country and a commercial power house. Thus it offers an ideal setting for a thriving social life especially if you are looking to meet and date wealthy partners.


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