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Chile, marked by a distinctive coastal strip of land on the western coast of South America, is among the more stable political entities of the continent. Despite a long dictatorship of seventeen years during the 1970s and ‘80s, today Chile enjoys economic freedom, globalization and a relatively high position among other South American countries in the human development index. Thus if you are looking to hang out with wealthy men while traveling through this part of the world, Chile might be a good idea to begin with.

Belgium, despite its relatively small size, is an important country in Western Europe. It is home to the headquarters of the European Union as well as other important international organizations such as the NATO. Belgium’s intensely globalized economy, based on international trade and transport, is one of the strongest in the region and is responsible for a high standard of living. So if you are passing through this country, don’t forget to make use of socializing opportunities along with taking in the sights and scenes of the land.

The largest and most populous metropolitan area of New Zealand, Auckland is brimming with opportunities, both economic and social. In 2010, Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland at the fourth place on its list among all the cities of the world; this was two years after Auckland was classified as an Alpha World City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Loughborough University in 2008. Thus if you find yourself in New Zealand and wish to be dated in style, here are a few ways you can meet rich men in Auckland.

The world’s only remaining grand duchy, Luxembourg is a tiny landlocked country in Western Europe. However despite its size, the state is one of the most economically advanced in the world; in fact according to the IMF, Luxembourg enjoys the highest nominal per capita GDP globally. So if you are looking for partners who can treat you like a princess, Luxembourg might be the best place to start your search.

Switzerland is a natural choice if you like to be dated in style. This is because Switzerland is well known one of the richest countries in the world by per capita gross domestic product. It not only had the highest wealth per adult of any country in the world - with $372,692 for each person – in 2010 1, but also has one of the world's largest account balances as a percentage of GDP. Thus if you wish to be wined and dined by the richest singles, this is the country where you should head for.

Located on the banks of Ohio River, Louisville is the largest city in the US state of Kentucky. So if you on your way to the American South and wish to be indulged by a wealthy date, make the best of possibilities that this vibrant and historical city has to offer.

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Finding a single man to date seems difficult at the best of times. But trying to find a guy who is single and successful at the same time seems like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. The secret to this, as most women being indulged by rich partners will tell you, lies in knowing where to look. So if you are single and find yourself in Indy, here are a few ways you can meet rich men.

Columbus is the capital and largest city by area of the US state of Ohio. Known variously as the Discovery City and the Arch City, Columbus was ranked among the top ten cities by Relocate America only last year. This is not only an indication of the varied economic opportunities that the city offers but also of a high quality of life enjoyed by its residents, including those looking for single and successful dating partners.

Best known as the hub of the music industry in the country, Nashville is also the capital and center of the largest metropolitan area in the state of Tennessee. All these factors make Nashville a great city to live and love in, especially if you are looking for a partner from the higher end of the dating pool.

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These people seem to have it all – oodles of talent, devoted fans across the world and millions of dollars in earnings from sold-out concerts, platinum albums as well as lucrative endorsements. So here is a list of the ten richest male singers from across the world.


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