How to Date a Coworker - Dating Someone at the Workplace


Your place of employment may be the single best environment to meet and potentially date new women. You don't have to worry about approaching girls or trying to create conversations from scratch at work; meetings and conversations at your job are standard and necessary. With that half of the dating struggle gone, more natural and flowing relationships can be born. If you've got your eye on someone at work, here are a few points to consider.

Firstly, excel at your job. It's no secret that women are often attracted to success and power, so be the best worker that you can be. This applies to everyone from CEOs to department store clerks. Spend some of your free time at home studying up on things that will make you more knowledgeable at work. This might not seem like the most enjoyable way to make use of your free time, but it will help in your career and it will help in the way you are perceived by your coworkers.  No one wants to date the guy who's always on the verge of being fired, so make yourself the guy who's always on the verge of being promoted instead.  

Observe the girl you're into. Make note of how she dresses, how she acts and how she works. Eavesdrop on conversations she has, and try to get a glimpse of what makes her laugh and what sorts of jokes she makes herself. Obviously you don't want to do this sort of thing blatantly, but observation can be a powerful tool in deciding how to interact with someone you're interested in.

In a workplace setting, it's important to develop friendships before trying to spark any kind of romantic relationships. Always say Hi! when you pass the cute girl at your job. Ask her how her weekend was on Monday, and ask her about her plans for the weekend on Friday. Asking how she's doing or how her day is going should work at any other time. If you're the kind of guy who doesn't find much merit in such small talk, fake it. Basic friendliness is really vital in getting a girl at work to be interested in you. If she feels as though you are quiet or shy then chances are that she'll opt for talking to other people who are more outgoing. There are exceptions to this but in general the outgoing people are the popular ones, so just talk. Also be sure to present yourself as a happy guy. Girls don't want to be dragged down by their company, so smile often and laugh at everything even remotely funny (especially if it comes from the girl you like). The reality is that most people who are at work would rather be somewhere else, so be a part of a pleasant atmosphere; everyone will appreciate it.

Be willing to help your coworkers in any way possible, even if it means taking on other peoples' workloads. If a girl is having a problem at work (such as being unsure how to do something) try to be the one to come to the rescue. This has a way of making women appreciate you as they will see you as someone who enhances their life (after all, career is a big part of anyone's life).    

If you find yourself working on some sort of project with the woman you're interested in, be sure to compliment her on all her input and ideas. Make her feel as though you appreciate and respect all of her contributions. Everyone likes to feel as though they are good at their job, and a girl who feels good is much more likely to feel good about her company than one who feels useless. Don't go overboard , but little ego boosts will make anyone's day brighter.

Once a nice working friendship is established, you can start to pursue perhaps the most important aspect of trying to date a coworker; flirting. You should probably avoid actual touching (unless she initiates it) at work as harassment suits are anything but uncommon in workplaces these days, but joking around and being conversationally playful with a coworker can work wonders.   

Lunch can present a great opportunity for you to sneakily get some casual time with a coworker. Ask her if she wants to come grab a bite with you to talk about something work related. Invite a few coworkers to come to lunch and the ploy will be disguised beautifully. Talking about random interests and activities will flow much more freely in a restaurant environment than at work. People generally try to treat their lunch hours as a break from the monotony of their day. Take the opportunity to tell silly stories about your personal life or make mention of your favorite movie or television show. Lunch is an excellent situation to sell yourself and show your coworkers that you're good company away from the office as well as in it.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be dating that pretty girl at work, be sure to put a divider between your professional relationship and your personal relationship. Displays of affection at work will not be looked highly upon by your fellow coworkers, and any time spent together at your job doing things other than work is prime gossip fodder. You also don't want your professional bond affect your personal relationship, so make an agreement to separate the two.

Work can be an ideal setting for meeting and connecting with women. If you share a career with someone then you automatically have something in common, and common interests are a great basis for any friendship or relationship. So consider yourself a step ahead of the curb with any women you work with. Patience is essential when going after your cute coworker, so bide your time and make the transition from professional to casual a natural one.