Ouija Board

When written language first came to be part of human culture, it was accorded high symbolic and esoteric value. It was seen as the repository of specialized knowledge and even a way of communication with the spiritual world, later seen in the phenomenon of automatic writing. The tradition of spirits communicating with the living through special symbols and letters became part of popular culture with the mass production of Ouija boards which can be used both as a parlor game as well as a divination technique which depends on contacting the denizens of the other world.

Human thought has always been partial to the view that a human being does not end with the physical death of the body – that something variously explained as soul, spirit or vital force continues to survive even after death. And over time several methods became popular as a way of contacting this spirit for various purposes. The Ouija board is one of the best known of these and is used on various levels, as a parlor game to get answers to fun questions or as a method of divination to foresee the future by communicating with spirits.

Across time and space, mankind has been curious to know that the future holds. Human beings either made use of objects and signs found in their natural surroundings to predict the future or employed objects with symbolic and esoteric value. Among the latter ways of divination, one of those of the ways of not only foretelling the future but also revealing hidden aspects of the past and present is the Ouija board.

What is the Ouija board?

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