Preventing a Divorce

In popular representations, lawyers are often viewed as cunning professionals who are out to get your money, even if it means precipitating or drawing out an unhappy situation like a divorce. However the reality is that the law is out there to help people in distress and as professionals of law, lawyers should always be guided what is best for the client. Thus if you have been hasty in filing a divorce petition, here is how a lawyer can help you stop a divorce.

Be clear about what you want

Every marriage has its ups and downs and most couples usually pass through both without much damage. But when faced with a partner who announces that the marriage is over, things can seem completely hopeless. However there may be still something you can do to save your marriage. Read on to find what to do when your wife wants a divorce and you don’t.

When a relationship as important as marriage breaks down, it is natural to feel caught in a bewildering roller coaster of emotions. A marriage is thought of as an unbreakable union between two hearts – you both got married  because you thought you were so sure about each other. Finding that it wasn’t so can leave you with a range of emotions from anger to grief and depression. Even if you can take care of the material consequences, coping with the heartbreak caused by divorce may be the toughest part of moving on.

Allow yourself to grieve

Along with bereavement and moving house, divorce is among the top three personal experiences which cause the greatest stress and loneliness. A divorce is not only the sundering of two partners in marriage but entails the breaking apart of a family, division of assets, pain and tears all around. Thus if you are staring at the prospect of a divorce, ask yourself if you have all you can to save your marriage.

Face the facts

Most of the times when a marriage goes bad, both partners are aware of the down slide. Even then the announcement of a divorce can sometimes take a spouse aback for various reasons – he/she may not feel enough unhappiness to call it quits, he/she may be optimistic of making the marriage work or perhaps believe that this is a decision being thrust upon him/her. Thus if you find your partner divorcing you, do you have to accept it or do you have other alternatives?

Ending a marriage can not only take a toll on you emotionally, but also physically. Divorce rates are increasing across the world and the reasons range from alcoholism, physical abuse, infidelity, lack of communication, etc. In this day and age of drive-in marriages, quick divorces are no longer shocking. Several marriages end up in divorces. But there are marriages that do face ups and downs and finally make it to the other side. One has to understand, that a marriage is not a packet of instant noodles.  You cannot expect it to magically “work”. You have to work on a marriage.

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