How to Dress for Small Busted Women

Popular ideas of female attractiveness get unrealistic by the day. While popular culture shows desirable women with long, never-ending legs and slim waists, they are nevertheless equipped with full busts. Bombarded with such images day and night, it is natural for small-busted women to feel conscious; others may simply wish to look more proportionate without sagging blouses. Whatever the motivation for small-busted women to look fuller, here are a few style tips that will enhance their figure and appeal.

Get the size right

All too often women turn out to be ignorant of what is the correct bra size for their bodies. Whether small- or full-busted, choosing the right bra size is indispensable for looking and feeling good. Some Signs that you need to go for a overhaul are when your bra straps are constantly falling down or digging into the back, underwire that fits above the bottom of the breast, cups that flatten out the bust, especially in uncomfortable or painful ways or bras that leave you with pink marks, welts, or cuts in the skin after use. If you think that it is time for a change, get yourself professionally measured in a department store and most usually do it for free. Keep in mind that , with the proper size, the breast should be between the shoulder and the elbow if your arm is straight down. The right bra will not only feel better, it will make all of your clothes fit better, too.

How to choose padded bras

Padded or molded bras are a great style aid for small-busted women since they help to fill out the bust and give a nice, fuller shape to the upper body. However go for Bras that are only be slightly padded or else the whole thing will look too obvious and artificial. Also when choosing a padded bra, avoid picking up one that will make you appear more than one cup size bigger. For instance, if you're an A cup size, stick to a bra that makes you appear like a large A cup or a B cup instead of opting for one that makes you seem like a C cup. Then again there are some women who are uncomfortable with the look or feel of padded bras – for them molded bras are a better bet. These  shape out the bust beneath blouses, making it seem rounder. No matter how small-busted you are, keep away from fill-in bras since not only they fail to enhance the look of the bust but instead makes it noticeably artificial.

Wear ruffles

Ruffles on your top can add volume to your bust and give you a fuller look. Opt for little ruffles used as trim for the neckline or that fall directly under the bust since these will give the appearance of a fuller body. You can also look for ruffles that run vertically down the center of the blouse. However avoid large ruffles that can overwhelm the frame and seem rather outlandish. Instead stick to small or medium sized ruffles for a balance of the fuller but elegant look. Also avoid wearing ruffles on your pants, as they will bring the eye down to your lower half and away from your bust.

Opt for patterns

Most women who have relatively smaller busts belong to the pear-shape body type in which case the lower half of their figures is heavier than the upper half. In order to achieve a more balanced look, you can pair patterned blouses with solid colored pants and skirts. The former will make your bust appear more noticeable while the latter will add a streamlined effect to the lower half of your body. At the same time though don’t go overboard with a huge pattern for your top, as it will consume your torso. Instead, choose a moderate-sized pattern--- large enough to fill out your bust but at the same time small enough to look classy. The same effect can be achieved by adding pleats and breast-pockets to the top. Again A shirt or top with multicolored horizontal stripes worn with dark bottom will make your hips look smaller and breasts look fuller.
Keep the top brighter

Yet another way to make the upper part of your body look fuller is to dress it in brighter colors and shades. For instance you can pair a wine colored top or emerald green blouse with pants or skirt in neutral shades. Even if you want both to be in the same color, you can go for brighter tops and darker bottoms. If you want an all brown outfit, for example, put on a tan sweater and a chocolate-colored skirt. To achieve the monochromatic look, you could consider a black and white combination – but be sure that your top is white and your bottom is black. All these tips in color and shade will make your body appear more proportionate, so your bust will seem fuller.

Wear details at the bust

Any detail of embroidery or embellishment centered on the bust will make it seem larger. For this reason, you can try out peasant tops - as they cinch right under the bust, it automatically looks fuller. Likewise you can also play around with textured or reflective fabrics right on the bust so as to also create an optical illusion of a fuller figure. Decorative buttons, embroidery, and other details which draw attention to the top are great ways to increase the appearance of a larger bust.

Choose appropriate Necklines

The right neckline of your top, dress or blouse could be useful in achieving a fuller look on the upper half of your body. High, asymmetrical, crew and gathered necklines will flatter your bust and make it look a bit bigger. At the same time avoid very low necklines since they will only highlight what you lack. However you can explore deep v-necks since they may be better than scoops. Other options you can try are bandeau neck, jewel necklines, boat neckline, cowl neckline or similar adornments at top.

Emphasize other parts

While using fabrics, colors, cuts and detailing may help you give the appearance of a fuller bust, you can pair these strategies by drawing attention to other, more naturally attractive parts of your body. For instance wear dresses that will show off your slim waist, perky behind, slender legs or smooth shoulders which in turn take the attention off from a relatively smaller bust. Avoid wearing clothes that are too loose since it will make your breasts “disappear”; but don’t put on anything that’s too tight either, because it will flatten you. The main thing is to find a compromise – a style that will show off the shapes you have and draw attention away from those that you don’t.