Flirting tips for men

Body language, employed effectively, is the most priceless weapon in the flirting artillery. While the way you groom yourself and the verbal language you use matters, the way you conduct yourself and the image you project is even more crucial.

TIP: Learn how to flirt with men of all ages!

A few tips to make the most of your body language and flirt your way to success:

1) Posture

One of the most tantalizing parts of the flirting game involves keeping the guy guessing as to what a woman really wants. While this makes the game all the more exciting, many guys miss out on the clues that signal a woman’s interest in them. So guys, here are the top ten signs which will let you know that a woman is flirting with you.


A large part of flirting is about creating impressions and making an impact. Your looks count, but it is in equal parts your demeanor, the way you conduct yourself, charisma and how you manage to make the other person feel.

If you are a man and you’ve often wondered how to flirt without feeling like a loser or worse yet, making a complete fool of yourself, just keep these simple tips in mind.

1. Make the most of yourself

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