10 Signs a Woman is Flirting With You

One of the most tantalizing parts of the flirting game involves keeping the guy guessing as to what a woman really wants. While this makes the game all the more exciting, many guys miss out on the clues that signal a woman’s interest in them. So guys, here are the top ten signs which will let you know that a woman is flirting with you.

She looks at you

Most of the times, a woman will use her eyes to initiate the flirting game with a guy. If she makes eye contact with you and then holds your gaze for a couple of seconds before slowly moving it away, it probably means that she has picked you out from the crowd and would like to know you better. On the other hand, a woman who does not match your gaze or hurriedly looks away is either uninterested or too nervous to initiate the flirting game.

She smiles at you

Men may wonder what is so special about a woman smiling. After all they seem to do it all the time – when meeting people at a party, saying sorry or simply being polite. But when a woman is flirting with you, she is likely to give you a special sort of smile – one which dazzles the onlooker or sends mischievous I-know-a-secret kind of signal. In fact later as your conversation progresses, she might come up with a soft giggle or a low seductive laugh, indicating that she is enjoying this thoroughly.

She isolates herself

Women know that men are wary of approaching them when they are surrounded by people. So if a girl who has caught your attention separates herself from her friends, then most likely it is an invitation to a flirting game. This not only a signal that she is lowering her defensive barriers to let you in but in fact is a hint that she is offering you a chance to make her acquaintance.


She plays with her hair

Or slowly runs her fingers through them. Or perhaps tosses them over in a seductive way. This is because well-groomed tresses are an integral part of every woman’s seduction arsenal and if she is drawing your attention to those, it definitely means she is flirting with you. However a more discrete woman may use subtler variations like playing with her ear-ring or stroking her ear-lobe.

She asks for your help

Very often women send out a flirtatious message by indulging in a guy’s psychological need to feel like a hero. So she could ask for your assistance in figuring out the bar tip or lifting a chair when in fact she might be perfectly capable of doing them on her own. Asking for help when it is actually not needed is a time-tested way of catching a guy’s attention and if you notice a woman doing it to get yours, you can be sure she would not mind a little flirting.

She uses body language

This signals that she is attracted to you. A delectable part of the flirting game is send visual hints of a sexual attraction. A woman sitting next to you on a bar stool may let her high heels dangle from her toes and show off the curvature of her feet. Alternately she may cross her arms to reveal her cleavage or gently stroke her throat with the back of her fingers. All these are hints that she is physically attracted to you and wants you to notice it. 

She is interested in what you have to say

The art of flirting does not involve merely physical signals. A consummate practitioner knows that nothing excites a man more than talking about himself. So when a woman is flirting with you, she will not only initiate a conversation but also want to know all about you. She may begin with a conventional line like “Have I seen you before” but then quickly move on to things which interest and excite you. Drawing you out by means of conversation is essential if she is to retain your interest and above all it gives her a chance to come closer to you.

Body Contact

She initiates body contact to let you know that she is willing to take the flirting game to the next level. This may range from an innocuous brushing of her thighs against yours as she leaves to refill her glass to a more conscious act of using her finger-tip to trace your life-line as she plays at being a palm reader. Alternatively she could bring her head close to you while speaking and touching your arm every now and then. All these are ways to let you know that she is comfortable having you in her personal space and maybe wouldn’t mind getting a bit more intimate.

She lets in double entendres

When a woman is flirting she will now and then use words with subtle or overt double meanings to give a delicious seductive edge to your conversation. In fact says Debbie Mandel, author of Turn on Your Love Light, “almost everything she says will have an erotic undercurrent, even unremarkable phrases like ‘I really like your tie.’ ” So if you find an attractive guest at a party using risqué words while talking with you, don’t automatically assume you have had a drink too many. It could simply mean that your companion is indicating her interest in you.

She displays lack of inhibition

When a woman is comfortable confiding her secret fantasies in you or talking about the time when she lost her virginity, it is usually a sign of full-fledged flirting on her part. In general women keep away from sexual content during conversations. But when she wants you to notice her as a sexual being, she might not mind exchanging some private information with you.

Few of the above signs taken in isolation may indicate a woman’s interest in you. For instance a pretty girl at a cocktail party may initiate a conversation simply because she is bored or she may divulge her sexual fantasies merely because she gets a kick out of shocking people. However on occasions where more than a few of such signals come together, you can be pretty sure the woman has the hots for you.