How to flirt with a man

Traditionally, flirting and making the first move has always been seen as the male's domain. But if you’re one of those women who don’t see why it should be so, you’re right! It really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, a lot of men just love it if women make the first move. Even if you’re not bold enough to do that, and a man is flirting with you and you’re too shy, or don’t know the appropriate responses, read on. After all, if you like what you see, you really wouldn’t want to be sending out the wrong signals, would you?

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1. Look your best

If you’re comfortable being outrageously sexy or dressing seductively, you probably don’t need too many extra tips on how to charm a man. But if you’re the more subtle kind, don’t worry. Attracting a man’s eye is not only about wearing revealing outfits or showing a lot of skin. Just make the most of your assets. Wear something that’s ‘you’ and makes you feel good. In fact, fitted jeans or a flattering dress can be as much of a turn on, simply by hinting at what lies beneath the surface!

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2. Be feminine

One of the things men love mostabout a lady is that she behaves like one. Capitalize on being feminine. If you don’t have a swaying, provocative walk, that’s fine. Walk tall, hold your head high and be graceful. If you see someone you like, look at him a few times, till you catch his eye. Depending on your style, you could either be bold and hold his gaze or act shy and look away. But if you’ve decided you want to flirt with him, you’ve got to put your shyness on hold long enough to catch his eye a couple of times more, at least, before he gets the message and is clued in on your interest.

3. Offer him an excuse

Sometimes, men are just slow on the uptake or a little reticent, in case they’ve read you wrong. So give him a reason to approach you. He may take time coming up to you on some lame pretext, so help him along. You could inch your way closer to him, without being too obvious, maybe with a couple of your friends, and ask one of them if they have a light. Of course you have to tell them not to offer it to you, because you’re hoping he will jump at the excuse to get closer. If he doesn’t catch on, then simply turn around and ask him for one. Even if he doesn’t have one, you’ve initiated contact and he can take it from there.

4. Give him a chance

Let him also start making some moves of his own. You don’t want to have to do all the work. Men like to do some of the pursuing. All you have to do is lead him on and give him a gentle nudge in the right direction. Beware however, of offering more than you’re ready to follow through on. Keep it light. Don’t lead him up the garden path and then leave him standing out in the cold; it could have some serious fallouts.

5. Get to know him

If you have begun talking to a guy and would like to explore it further, try and find out more about him. You need to know that you can trust him not to push for more than you’re willing to give. Ask open-ended questions so that he doesn’t feel subjected to the third degree. Also try and have a friend around, just to ensure that you have reinforcements in case he starts coming on too strong. And don’t imbibe too much; you might get in over your head.

6. Let your actions speak

Very often, you, as a woman, have an instinctive feel about a guy. You know if you can trust him, whether he makes you feel comfortable, how far you can go with him. If you’ve been getting all the right signs, you can possibly afford to let go of some of your inhibitions. You could lean a little into him to indicate interest in what he is saying. Or if you have one of those tinkling laughs use it appropriately to stroke his ego.

If you’ve chosen to have anything with whipped cream on it, you could always do the classic licking-the-cream-off-your-upper-lip teaser. It never fails to get its target audience. You could wind your hair up to reveal a hint of the nape of your neck, on the pretext of it being hot, which sets a nice steamy note to the evening. Or how about giving him a peek at that G-string or letting him glimpse a tantalizing hint of cleavage, which most men fall for?

If you’re too shy to do any of these things, but still wish you could at least attract a guy who would do the flirting for you, leaving you to respond appropriately, try this:

Ensure you’re available. Separate yourself from your group of friends. It takes a lot of nerve for a man to approach a whole group of women or people and single you out, so it would make things a lot easier. Try and at least minimize the distance between yourself and any man you fancy so that he doesn’t feel too inhibited about making his way over.

If you think a guy is flirting with you, don’t get nervous and tongue-tied. Just be yourself and respond naturally. If you’re well informed and intelligent, don’t try to cover it up. It’s a myth that men prefer airheads! And if he compliments you, ditch your shyness long enough to return the favour. Anything will do, as long as it's honest and you mean it!