Sixtieth Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

Love and health in the long run are blessings that are showered only to a lucky few. So if you and your spouse are among those who are still going strong in their sixtieth year of marriage or you know of a couple who does, it is time to celebrate.

  1. Diamond

    Diamond is both the traditional and modern theme for sixtieth marriage anniversaries. The word diamond originates from the Greek 'adamas', meaning unconquerable and enduring - hardly surprising for a gemstone is believed to be one of the hardest naturally occurring materials on Earth. On a more romantic note however the brightness of a diamond can be imagined to symbolize the flame of love which continues to burn in a marriage even after sixty whole years. So if you are looking for the perfect gift idea for a sixtieth wedding anniversary, here are a few suggestions you may want to consider.
  2. Practical gifts

    If you are looking for something to present a spouse or a couple on your/their sixtieth wedding anniversary, most likely the recipient is well into their eighties. The thing to remember before buying gifts for seniors is to consider how useful it will be. Most elderly couples would be trying to reduce clutter in their lives and cut down on possessions. For them anniversary plates, ornamental pieces and jewelry as gifts might not be such a good idea. Rather try to think of items that are functional and can be put to daily use. A walker that can provide strong support or a sound-amplifying telephone are some such ideas if you know that the recipient has health issues. For wider variety, consider gift cards and prepaid coupons from service providers who might help with chores, visits to the doctor or even the weekly shopping for groceries. If all these ideas seem too mundane to be presented as anniversary gifts, use a little imagination and some spangled wrapping paper to decorate the gift or the envelope containing the coupons, gift cards etc.
  3. Creative gifts

    One of the best parts about a long married life is being the center of a large network of children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and their families. If your spouse enjoys the company of family and friends, how about putting together a memory box or an album for them? Include photos of significant occasions from the past like your own wedding, births of children and grandchildren, family picnics and birthdays, graduation ceremonies and holidays celebrated. Finally decorate the box or the photo album with sparking white covers which will make your gift symbolic as well as a delight to go through. Other creative gift ideas for a spouse are putting together a CD with his/her favorite songs from the year you were married.  But if going about this seems too complicated for you, rope in a grandchild or a neighbor to help you along.
  4. Decorative gifts

    Even though senior couples may have little use for purely ornamental stuff on their sixtieth anniversary, you can still find something that looks good and is functional too. A picture frame with sparkling diamante borders can be both symbolic and useful. Get one which has space for twin photos – in one of them put in a wedding photo of the couple from sixty years ago and in the other, as they are now. Other similar gift ideas could range from soft snugly throws and wraps to gel seat cushions keep them comfortable. To make these gifts relevant for the occasion, have them gift wrapped in shiny white paper or sprinkled with white glitter.

  5. Recreational gifts

    Many seniors have ample leisure time on their hands and yet find it physically difficult to indulge in their favorite recreational activities. For them it would be a good idea to make a gift of the pastimes they enjoy. For instance if your grandparents love reading books or playing cards with their neighbors but find normal size books and cards difficult to read, how about presenting them with large-print books, cards and card-holders as a sixtieth anniversary gift. Most large print books for seniors come in various genres of romance, biographies and fiction and you can even look for Bibles with large prints. If on the other hand, the couple love going out, you could gift them with tickets to a concert by their favorite symphony or present them with reservations at their favorite restaurant for a special dinner. However don’t forget details like arranging for transport so that they can have a good time without worrying about how they would get back home.
  6. Flowers

    A wedding anniversary seems incomplete without the presence of flowers and what better way to celebrate the beauty and fragrance of a marriage than with an anniversary bouquet? Since there are no particular flowers associated with the sixtieth anniversary, you can go for an arrangement of your spouse’s favorite blooms. To make the gift more symbolic, you can choose flowers in white since this is the traditional color for sixtieth wedding anniversaries. For even greater relevance, you can consider roses in varieties like ‘Diamond Wishes’ and a particularly lovely lavender-colored thornless bloom aptly called ‘Diamond Anniversary’.
  7. Formal gifts

    Some countries have a tradition of the head of state sending congratulatory messages to couples who are celebrating their fiftieth or sixtieth wedding anniversaries. If you are in the United States, you can request a greeting from the White House while those in the United Kingdom, can look forward to a telegram from the Queen.

‘Grow old with me, the best is yet to be …’, wrote famous nineteenth century English poet Robert Browning in his poem titled ‘Rabbi Ben Ezra’. Few couples are lucky enough to know or even witness the deep satisfaction and abiding love of a long time marriage but if are one of those, make sure that the occasions like sixtieth wedding anniversaries are celebrated with love and enthusiasm so that they create the best of memories for you and your family.