Twentieth Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

The second of the milestone wedding anniversaries, the twentieth year is a good time to reflect on all the ups and downs that you have passed in your marital journey this far. And what better way to celebrate this special occasion than by pampering your significant other with the perfect anniversary gift.

China is the traditional gift on twentieth wedding anniversaries. The pristine and refined beauty of this material perhaps in some way symbolizes the subdued but equally elegant beauty of a love and commitment that has lasted for twenty years. Here are some gift suggestions for a spouse if you intend to keep to the traditional theme on your twentieth wedding anniversary.

  1. Home décor

    Decorative items made of fine china can add style and elegance to a décor in a way that few other materials can. You could buy a Wedgewood china vase or a china basket for your beloved, fill it up with fresh flowers and have him/her wake up to its beautiful sight and smell on the morning of your wedding anniversary. Among other items which can be displayed as ornaments are fine china figurines of animals and fruits, pretty porcelain dolls, delicate china angels in sets of threes, picture frames preferably in pairs, miniature clocks as well as decorative pipes and bowls. You could even settle for a commemorative showpiece in china which mentions the date, place and time of your wedding. However for a more romantic touch, you can personalize it with a loving message of you own.
  2. Crockery

    If your spouse is more appreciative of gifts which have a practical value, one of the most favored gift items in china would be crockery. This is especially true if you and your spouse are popular hosts and do a lot of socializing. Apart from dinner sets and tea things, other items of crockery could range from trays and dessert bowls to spoon rests and salt-and-pepper shakers. China bakeware is yet another great gifting idea if your crockery cabinets are already full to the point of bursting. Such cookware can be used for baking as well as microwave cooking and their elegant beauty makes it possible to serve food in them too.
  3. Gift bowl

    If you would like your gift to have greater variety then how about putting together assorted items into a gift bowl for your beloved. Choose a lovely china bowl and into these mix up candies, flower petals, a small bottle of your partner’s favorite perfume/cologne as well as a love poem that you may have penned yourself or quoted from your spouse’s favorite poet. Don’t forget to add love coupons for “items” like a favorite dessert, a sensual massage or twenty full kisses but warn your spouse that all these come with an expiry date, say one or two months, and must be redeemed before that.
  4. Perfumes

    A perfect twentieth anniversary gift for spouses who love perfumes would be one like China Musk. This is a refined blend of cedar wood, geranium, amber and violet leaves and thus just right for a romantic evening between two people who have known each other for almost a generation now.

  5. ‘China theme’

    For a different take on the twentieth anniversary gifting tradition, you could gift your mate a China-themed party. This could be as detailed or as easy as you like. Basic ideas might include decking up the venue with colorful Chinese lantern and bamboo screens, having Chinese delicacies like dim sum, noodles and fortune cookies as the eats and arranging for small feng shui items like coins, bamboo shoots and mandarin ducks as return gifts for the guests. On the other hand, if you would like the occasion to be more private, a visit to the nearest Chinatown and sampling its splendid sights, smells, tastes and sounds could make for a joyful celebration of your twentieth wedding anniversary.
  6. Platinum

    The contemporary gift for twentieth marriage anniversaries is platinum. The solidity and rarity of the metal in a way symbolizes the strong foundations as well as precious beauty of a twenty-year old relationship of love and commitment. The most cherished anniversary gift in platinum would thus undoubtedly be a platinum anniversary ring for your spouse. Even within this category you can choose from plain bands or one set with gemstones. Emeralds and yellow diamonds in fact are the gemstones traditionally associated with twentieth wedding anniversaries. So if your pockets permit, you can have a platinum ring for your spouse set with either of these two brilliantly sparking gemstones. Even though on the expensive side, Platinum rings could be a great way of renewing your marriage vows on your twentieth anniversary.
  7. Platinum jewelry

    Besides rings, various other jewelry items also look perfect in platinum. Wives can be pampered with Pendants, ear rings, brooches and necklaces while cuff links, money clips and tie pins are the usual favorites with husbands. Again most of these are likely to be in the higher price brackets but then if you can afford it, your spouse is surely worth it. After all very few people in the world would have walked by your side through thick and thin for more than twenty years.
  8. Tableware

    How about a twentieth anniversary gift that would combine both the traditional and modern themes? If so, look for china crockery like dinner plates, serving bowls and dessert plates with platinum accents. Again if you already have enough china sets, perhaps you would like to add on your collection of drinkware with gifts of mugs, wine glasses, goblets, hi-balls, beverage cups or other glassware with platinum accents.
  9. Platinum DVDs and CDs

    For couples who are not that fond of socializing and would rather spend an evening on their own, a far more appropriate gift would be a platinum DVD or CD collection. However keep in mind your spouse’s taste in music, movies and actors while choosing any of these as an anniversary gift.
  10. Flowers

    Finally don’t forget the anniversary bouquet as the perfect accompaniment to wishing your beloved a Happy Twentieth Anniversary. Your bouquet could have a tasteful arrangement of day lilies, the traditional flower associated with this anniversary or any other bloom which is a favorite of your spouse’s.

No matter what theme you decide on while choosing a twentieth anniversary gift for your partner, finally it is all about symbolizing your continuing love and devotion in as beautiful a manner as possible.