First anniversary gift ideas

One year ago, on this day, you decided to say, "I do". It is a day to reflect on all that has happened in the year gone by and to be thankful that you are together. You may decide to celebrate with friends or just spend some quiet time together. Whatever you choose to do, make it memorable, after all it is your first anniversary!

Surprise your partner with a beautiful bouquet of the freshest flowers, first thing in the morning on your wedding anniversary.

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Here are some gift suggestions and ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

Eternity Ring

This ring, with diamonds running all around the circumference, symbolizes your eternal love for her and will make her eyes sparkle even more! Slip it on her finger, and she’ll be ecstatic to show the world, just how obvious your love for her is!


You could gift your spouse a book in keeping with his interests, whether it is fiction, sports or technology. Don’t forget to write your own little personal message, in it as a reminder of your special first anniversary gift to him.

Message bands

These rings come with personal messages of your choice inscribed on them and the date, which makes it a good remembrance of your first anniversary.

His and Hers watches

There are some really cool pairs of His and Her watches that will make you feel well matched. It’s also a fun way to spend some time, and a great gift to shop for together.

Portrait or oil painting

You could enjoy some time in each other’s arms, just posing for a hand-drawn portrait, and then frame it for that empty space above your bed, that was crying out for just this touch. Or have your favorite snap of the two of you done in oils, with the date printed on it to mark your special day.

Personalized gifts

There is a range of personalized gifts to choose from, including poetry, anniversary journals, stationery, curios etc.


You could pamper each other by booking a relaxing massage at your local spa and throw in a session in the jacuzzi just for good measure.

Dance classes

If you were embarrassed about your two left feet at the wedding, it isn’t too late to remedy that. Book a few sessions at a popular dance class and enjoy, not just perfecting your technique, but dancing in sync with your life partner!

Ways to celebrate

You could get tickets to a current movie, play, or even a game. Though the latter might not lend itself to a quiet evening, if you’re more into the fun aspect and having a nice and enjoyable time, it’s still a good way to spend your first anniversary. If you’re really in the mood to indulge, splurge on a dinner cruise and get swept away by the romantic luxury of it all.

Pack a picnic hamper and enjoy some quiet time feeding each other tidbits and whispering sweet nothings. Take along a good wine or champagne, after all it’s a celebration. And don’t forget that piece of your wedding cake that you’ve been saving for just this day. Reminisce about your wedding day as you bite into the cake you cut one year ago!

If you’ve both been caught up with hectic schedules, your honeymoon could have been the last holiday you took. Treat yourselves to a holiday, even if it's only a weekend getaway, to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

You could simply stay at home, turn on some good mood music and enjoy a quiet dinner at home. Reflect on how far you’ve come in a year and how lucky you were to find each other. And while you could do this on any other day, maybe watching your wedding video will set the theme for the evening!