Tenth Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

The first of the milestone wedding anniversaries, the tenth is a wonderful occasion to celebrate your love and commitment for each other. As you usher in a decade of being together, choose from the following gift suggestions to present your spouse with the perfect token of your love and loyalty.

Tin and aluminum are the traditional materials for tenth marriage anniversary gifts. The malleability and durability of both metals can be conceived as appropriate symbols for the two basic qualities – adaptability and strength - that a marriage needs to survive this long.

  1. Home décor

    Several kinds of objects d’ art made from tin or aluminum can be used to decorate a sitting room or a lounge. You can choose from paper weights in a stylish tin or aluminum finish, antique tin toys for a classy look, aromatic candle tins, wind chimes made of tin, tin or aluminum wall sconces or even an antique tin bank for spouses who are collectors of artistic items. The smooth silvery finish of tin and aluminum showpieces like figurines and vases can work well for modern décor while other slightly darker, oxidized look of tin can be used to compliment home décor with an antique theme.
  2. Kitchenware

    Boxes and containers from tin used to be a regular feature in kitchens before plastic became popular and glass became more affordable. The same thing was true of cooking vessels made from aluminum which is one of the best conductors of heat. So if your spouse is fond of spending time in the kitchen, why not gift him/her with kitchenware in tin or aluminum which will give a retro look to their collection of pots and pans. Others however may be more appreciative of tin or aluminum kitchenware like carafes, drinkware, platters, trays and pitchers in clean contemporary designs. Kitchen implements like a tin snips or cutters as well as shaker pie safes with punched tin panels could be other gift options for spouses who are interested in cooking and baking.
  3. Tin memory box

    If you want your tenth wedding anniversary gift to be truly romantic how about gifting a memory box to your beloved. In a tin box, you can put together, old love letters, romantic cards, photos from the time you began to go out together and movie tickets or restaurant bills from your earliest dates, if you still have them. Strew the papers with some flower petals or sprinkle a few drops of your partner’s favorite perfume. Your partner is sure to be deeply touched by your gift and you can spend a lovely anniversary afternoon poring over letters and photos from more than a decade ago.

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  4. Watches

    Watches with aluminum belts can be perfect for spouses who like to have a large variety in accessories. In fact the gift can work equally well for partners who have a habit of being late for “dates” as well as those who are sticklers for punctuality.
  5. Jewelry

    If your wife is increasingly running out of space to keep her jewelry, why not gift her with a pretty aluminum jewelry box engraved with a romantic message of your own? Only be prepared to pay up for more purchases for who would be able to resist making full use of such an exquisite anniversary gift!
  6. Wine bottle totes

    If you are planning to spend your tenth wedding anniversary by yourselves, a present of aluminum wine bottle totes would be the perfect excuse to escape into the park or the countryside for a romantic anniversary picnic.
  7. Games If you and your spouse believe - and rightly too - that having fun together is an essential part of marriage, you may consider getting games and puzzles in tin for your partner for a traditional tenth marriage anniversary.

A perfect way to celebrate a decade of togetherness would be by splurging on diamond jewelry which is of course the modern gift for on tenth wedding anniversaries. Apart from offering the ideal excuse to indulge yourselves, diamond jewelry is also a reminder of both the strength and the brightness that your marriage possesses to have lasted for ten whole years.

  1. For her

    Almost all major jewelry stores offer a wide range of choices and prices when it comes to buying diamond jewelry for women. Some of the items you can explore are rings pendants, ear-rings and bracelets. There is again a variety of settings and metals to choose from which will naturally depend upon what your wife prefers wearing. However if you want the gift to be a surprise, get the size of her finger or sneak out an old ring from her jewelry box. You could even engrave both your initials on the piece of jewelry for a more personal touch to your gift.
  2. For him

    Fortunately diamond is one of the gemstones which can be carried off easily by almost all men. For your husband, you could explore a vast range of designs in cuff links, tie clips and rings. Have the piece of jewelry set in silver or white gold to give your anniversary gift a deeper level of meaning since silver is one of colors for tenth wedding anniversaries.
  3. For couples who would like something brighter and out of the usual in their choice of gemstones, blue sapphire is another option for tenth anniversary gifts in jewelry. The bright blue sparkle of this stone can be a head turner when set on rings, pendants or cuff links.

However couples who like less ostentatious ways of celebrating special occasions, daffodils can be a wonderful gift idea since this is the flower associated with tenth wedding anniversaries. Surprise your beloved on the morning of your anniversary with a large bouquet of bright golden daffodils. Or if your spouse is a lover of poetry, copy William Wordsworth’s immortal piece, Daffodils on hand-made paper or art canvas and decorate it with daffodil patterns or if that is too difficult paint the background in a lovely yellow. After having it put in a classy frame, gift it to your spouse and watch him/her glow with love and joy.

Tenth wedding anniversaries offer a whole variety of gifting options. So whether your spouse is the practical, luxurious or the sentimental sort, pick up the right gift for him/her and get ready to usher in another decade of love and belonging.