Third Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas

As you get ready to celebrate three years of marital bliss, one of the topmost thoughts in your mind is sure to be about what to gift your spouse. Fortunately there is a wide range of gift conventions, both traditional and modern, for the third wedding anniversary and you should have no trouble in settling on the perfect gift for your partner.

The traditional material for third marriage anniversary gifts is leather - something which lends itself to both style and functionality. This makes shopping for gifts in leather a satisfying experience since there are a varied range of products and budgets you can choose from.

  1. Apparel

    The rich sheen of pure leather finish can shoot up the style quotient of any wardrobe. While jackets in leather are eternally popular, pants and skirts in the same material require some personal appeal to carry off well. However be sure to check your partner’s size before you decide on a purchase since leather clothing is expensive and may not be easily exchanged after having been worn.
  2. Accessories

    While leather apparel may be stylish, the most popular leather-based gift items are undoubtedly accessories. And the best part is that these are more affordable than a genuine leather jacket. Happily leather is one of those rare materials which offer more choices for men’s products than for ladies’. So if you are shopping for your hubby, you can check out an entire of range of belts, caps, wallets, folders and key holders,. Women’s accessories in leather on the other hand can include stylish high-end hand bags or functional purses for everyday uses. Furthermore items like belts and cell-phone holders in leather can be gifted to both men and women.
  3. Footwear

    This is one item which is best purchased with the recipient of the gift in tow. Even in case when you know your spouse’s size, it may not be easy to get the right one, since footwear sizes tend to vary slightly from one brand to another. However the good news is that the wide range of shoes, sandals, boots and high heels available in leather means that your spouse is bound to find something that he/she likes.
  4. Backpacks

    If your spouse is fond of the outdoors or an adventure sports freak, how about getting him/her a backpack in leather? Even in the same material, backpacks may differ according to the type of activity for which it is required. On the other hand, Book bags in leather are an ideal gift option for spouses who like the outdoors but with a book besides you to keep them company.

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  5. Desk sets

    For spouses who put a high value on organization and neatness, a leather desk set can be a perfect gift. This usually includes notepads, organizers, writing portfolios, jotters, envelope holders and other writing accessories depending upon the price range of the product. Such organizers can not only help in reducing clutter on a desk but also give a stylish look to your spouse’s work area. For a partner on the move, leather briefcases or laptop cases are equally good ideas.
  6. Gloves

    This is another item which offers a vast choice in function and style. Leather gloves are available for driving, outdoor work like gardening as well as sports like batting, golfing, rowing, rafting and skiing. Furthermore there are warm leather gloves to be worn in certain weather conditions like winter or fancy ones to add oomph to certain outfits. Whatever the style or purpose, leather gloves can make wonderful third anniversary gifts for both men and women.
  7. Luggage

    However if you are planning to spend your third wedding anniversary on a vacation or cruise, what could be a better gift than leather luggage?  You can not only choose from a wide variety of rolling luggage, packing cases, duffle bags and garment bags but also from travel accessories like utility kits, shaving kits, baggage tags in leather which are both durable as well as stylish.
  8. Photo album

    For a more romantic gift but one that will not empty your pocket, you can settle for a leather album. To give a sentimental touch, fill the album with photos from your wedding as well as of the romantic moments from the past three years. On the other hand, if your spouse is of a practical bent of mind, let it be empty so that he/she can fill them with their favorite photos.
  9. Crystal

    Crystal is the contemporary gift for third wedding anniversaries. If budget is not a constraint, this could be an ideal time to invest in exclusive drawing room ornaments made of crystal. Other less expensive options could include crystal vases and smaller figurines. Swarovski in fact has an entire range of exquisite showpieces in crystal which are available in most major lifestyle stores.
  10. Bar accessories

    If you spouse is proud of his bar, he is sure to be thrilled with a gift of crystal wine goblets, champagne flutes or whiskey squat glasses. Among other accessories, you could also choose from crystal decanters, ice buckets and serving trays.
  11. Jewelry

    The sparkling beauty of crystal also lends itself well to jewelry. While wives can be indulged with pendants and lockets of crystal, husbands can show off rings, cuff links and tie clips in the same material. However the traditional gemstones for third anniversary are actually jade and pearl which further open up options for both men’s and women’s jewelry. Some of the most exquisite jewelry is created around pearl and women can have a field day being pampered by rings, pendants, earrings all radiating the soft moonlight glow of pearls.
  12. Flowers

    Nothing quite expresses love between a couple like a bouquet of flowers. And when these are arranged in fuchsias, the traditional flower of third wedding anniversary, the bouquet can come ablaze in colors of passion like purple and pink. So delight your spouse with a spectacular bouquet of fuchsias, a stylish leather bag or a delicate crystal ornament on your third wedding anniversary and make romantic memories for a lifetime.