How to Detox Your Skin


We have all heard about detoxing the body and the myriad health benefits a body detox provides, but what about detoxing the skin? While detoxing the body internally does offer significant benefits to the health of the skin, the single most significant organ of our bodies is continually exposed to contaminants, irritants, dirt and other pollutants. The effects these substances have on our skin are long lasting, but fortunately, there are plenty of options to stop them in their tracks and even reverse them.

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All throughout the day your entire skin, but especially the skin on your face is getting covered by bacteria, environmental contaminants, viruses, dirt, dead skin cells as well as suffering damage caused by harmful Ultra Violet radiation. By Detoxing your skin, you will achieve ridding this most important of organs of dirt, excess oils, and other waste products that accumulate on a daily basis. Here are a few tips that will guide you while you detox your skin.

  1. Daily Cleaning

    The first step to detoxing your skin is pretty straightforward. You should be washing your face daily as this is the most efficient manner in which you can remove dirt and many other impurities that adhere to the surface of your skin daily. This must be done with a soft and neutral soap. If you use scented soaps with added colorings and other chemicals you run the risk of upsetting the delicate pH balance of your skin. For the rest of your body we recommend using liquid soaps and for your face use products that hydrate the tissue. It is important to note that overdoing this will cause imbalances in your skin's production of natural and necessary oils which may lead to dryness and a leathery complexion.
  2. Remove all Makeup

    There is not one reason why you should ever in your life go to bed and fall asleep with makeup still adorning your face. Cosmetic products often clog and obstruct the pores of your skin which impedes proper cell regeneration and metabolic processes believe it or not. Your skin needs to breathe and smothering it with makeup is never a good idea. I am not saying to forego the use of cosmetic products all together but when possible limit its use so as to allow proper oxygenation of skin tissue. We recommend the use of olive oil or almond oil to gently remove cosmetic products. Both oils remove all traces of the makeup covering your skin while also providing with hydrating and moisturizing properties. If you are one of those people with overtly greasy skin, then you can alternatively use rose or cucumber water.
  3. Use a Facial Tonic

    Facial Tonics are specialized products that have the ability to remove excess fat and eliminate toxins that have been built up over time from the surface of your skin. Tonics have the added benefit of rejuvenating your skin by reaffirming tissues and reducing wrinkling. Application of facial tonics should be strictly after cleansing but feel free to use several times a day. Although the cosmetic and skin care market is flooded with products such as facial tonics you can always try using a more natural method. Try using a celery infusion to obtain similar effects.
  4. Hydrating

    Just as daily hydration is of paramount importance at an internal level it is equally important that you hydrate your skin externally. One of the most crucial components of having healthy and young looking skin is hydrating. By doing this, you skin will be better able to maintain elasticity and firmness which will stall the appearance of wrinkles, spots, and other imperfections. Make sure you have a separate product that is specifically designed for use on the face and leave moisturizing body lotions for your body just as their name implies. Natural alternatives are available in the use coconut oil, avocado oil, and papaya extracts.
  5. Exfoliate

    Exfoliating the skin of your face and body will allow you easy removal of all the accumulated dead skin cells. By exfoliating anywhere between two and three times per week, you can almost guarantee a revitalized skin that is free of blemishes and acne. You can also use this method to lighten darkened patches of skin and to revert tissue damage that is done by free radicals. The simplest and most economical way to exfoliate your skin is by preparing a mixture of honey and coarse sugar crystals. This is highly effective and is safe for use all over your body.

These are just some of the available methods you can practice in order to detox your skin and maintain good skin health. As always with all types of detox processes, a proper and balanced nutrition is essential. Base your dietary intake of organic vegetables, fruits, and legumes as well as low-fat, lean proteins to get the most benefits and make your detox method as effective as possible. For skin care, you would do well to include plenty of foods rich in vitamins C, E, A, D and K which provide a plethora of antioxidant benefits. Lower you refined sugar intake as much as possible as this substance causes accelerated inflammation of your tissues. Do not neglect to include sufficient healthy fats into your diet as they benefit proper hormonal balance and hormone synthesis as well as aid in the absorption of many micronutrients. To further promote kidney and liver health and function include lots of parsley and cilantro. Both of these herbs promote metabolic function and aid in the expulsion of harmful toxins from your body.

After applying these suggestions, you will soon find your skin looking rejuvenated and revitalized as well as free of visible fine lines and wrinkles. Detoxing has lately become very popular and for a good reason. With so many contaminants and harmful substances inundating our lives on a daily basis we must do all we can to prevent toxin-induced damage and ensure our bodies are better able to what they were designed for.


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