Erectile Dysfunction

It has long been regarded as a truth that technology is a double-edged sword. While some of its offerings have made life easier and longer, others have made it easier to kill and maim. The same dilemma appears to surround a practically indispensable feature of contemporary lives - mobile phones. There have been some reports about health hazards surrounding mobile phones, including male infertility. But what is the truth and if indeed there is any link, how can mobile phones reduce fertility in men?

Male fertility has become a contentious topic in these times. As scientific research unearths more evidence of how lifestyle and environment influence fertility in men, there are increased reminders about following habits which are beneficial for overall health – including reproductive health. Here are five most common habits that can reduce a man’s fertility, with or without him aware of the harm being done.

The image of the macho man, sporting a rugged charm and a cigarette on the lips, might have been the epitome of male sexuality in the days gone by. Not anymore, since medical research has come up with increasing evidence of the numerous ways that smoking can harm the male libido. So if you are a man who thinks nothing of running through at least pack of cigarettes a day, you may wish to take a look at all the ways that smoking can ruin a man’s sex drive.

Smoking and impotence

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