25 Foods High in Uric Acid


Uric acid is a substance with a bad reputation, and for a very good reason. It can cause joint pain because it is arranged in crystals that build up around our joints and causes what we know as gout. They can cause kidney stones as well, which are pretty painful and can cause serious problems in adults and children. This is why uric acid levels should be taken into consideration, especially in males, and normal blood values are 2.4 to 6mg per deciliter of blood in women and 3.4 to 7mg per deciliter of blood in men.

Foods considered “high in uric acid” do not necessarily contain uric acid, but a high level of purines that would in turn increase the uric acid levels in our bodies. Purines should not be totally cut out of the diet, and it is impossible to do it because they are in almost any type of food. However, foods with a high level of purines should be controlled when we have a problem with uric acid. You probably don’t need to cut them from your diet, but they should be avoided as much as possible. Here you have a list of foods that increases uric acid in your blood:

  1. Organ cuts
    Almost all organ cuts, such as liver or kidney, are very high in purines and can easily increase your uric acid levels dramatically. It is a good idea to keep them in check in case you have a problem with uric acid.
  2. Sardines in oil
    Especially if they are processed, sardines are the type of seafood with the highest content in purines, and therefore increases uric acid in our blood.
  3. Beef meat
    This type of meat has a high level of purines, and even though it’s not the highest source, it can be a good idea to avoid beef meat in your recipes.
  4. Boletus mushroom
    Also known as porcini, it is one of the plant foods with the highest content in purines. Many other types of mushrooms have the same properties to increase uric acid, but this has been pointed out as the most predominant.
  5. Baker’s yeast
    Yeast is used in many cooking techniques, and it is very difficult to avoid it completely. However, it should be noted that different varieties of yeast have very high amounts of purines, and even though they are used in small quantities while cooking, this should be noted if you have gout or similar problems.
  6. Chicken breast
    It is the cut of chicken with the highest amount of purines, but all of its meat contains a moderate amount.
  7. Pork meat
    It provides fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, and also increases body uric acids due to its high content in purines.
  8. Lamb meat
    It’s easily digested, has a softer texture, and a great taste. However, lamb meat is also high in purines and should be avoided by those who suffer from gout.
  9. Lobster
    It is quite expensive, and even though it is not flagged as the food with the highest content in purines, lobster can increase uric acid in people with gout, or worsen kidney stones problems when they are already there.
  10. Trout
    Another type of delicious seafood, trout has a moderate amount of purines and may cause increases of uric acid when there is predisposition to it.
  11. Tuna
    Quite common, and sometimes a commodity food, tuna can become a problem when you have it daily in your plate.
  12. Anchovies
    Be careful with this pizza topping if you are having problems with your uric acid. Even though anchovies do not contain the highest amount of purines, it should be avoided as much as possible.
  13. Soybeans
    They are the type of bean with the highest contents in purines. Even though it’s not as high as the one found in meats, it should be considered in vegan diets.
  14. Dried fruits
    They have been dried out, and as such they have concentrated nutrients. They have healthy fats and proteins as well as purines.
  15. Lentils
    They are full of minerals and it is a great nutrition source, but also has a moderate amount of purines and should not be eaten every day.
  16. Poppy seeds
    They are used in pastries and bread sometimes, and there is even a type of oil made out of poppy seeds. Among seeds, they have the highest content in purines, and as such increases uric acid.
  17. Sunflower seeds
    Another type of seed that people with high levels of uric acid should avoid. They are packed with minerals, but they also have important amounts of purines.
  18. Muffins and cakes
    If you have a gout problem with high uric acid in your blood, muffins and cakes, as well as other baked goods should be avoided because they have high fat content and may block your body from removing excess uric acid.
  19. Whole milk
    People with gout problems should also avoid whole milk and fatty products as they could increase their weight and worsen their articulatory problems. Uric acid levels will also stay on top as long as body fat is controlled.
  20. Spinach
    They have high content in healthy minerals, but it has been found that spinach can increase uric acid in our blood as well.
  21. Asparagus
    They give our foods a special taste with high amount of nutrients, but don’t eat asparagus everyday if you have problems with uric acid.
  22. Dried peas
    As with dried fruits, they have been dehydrated and their nutrients are now concentrated, as well as their purines. They can increase your uric acid levels if you eat them too much.
  23. Meat based stews
    Be careful with stews and soups made out of concentrated meat powders and products. They usually contain high amounts of purines and increase your blood uric acid the same as red meat.
  24. Beer
    A commonly used drink in social occasions, beer should be avoided by those people suffering from uric acid. It is preferred to use wine instead of beer because of its fermentation process.
  25. Vodka and other alcoholic spirits
    Spirits such as vodka and other strong alcoholic drinks such as gin can increase our levels of uric acid and will not be helpful if we are trying to lose some weight.


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