50 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Trying to find a unique gift for a partner is difficult at the best of times. But in long distance relationships, you also have to keep in mind the physical distance between you both which might make looking for the right gift something of a challenge. Here are however fifty gift ideas to pamper your loved one even from afar.

TIP: Read and pay the rest later.

  1. A bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers through a reputed online florist.
  2. Membership to a wine club in your partner’s city which will allow them to indulge in their favorite Reds and Whites all through the year.
  3. Tickets to his favorite sports match through online booking. Two to ensure he can take a friend along.
  4. Put together a CD containing all those romantic songs you both love best and then send it to your partner. He/she will not only be glad to be gifted with their favorite music but thrilled to have something remind them of you.
  5. If it is your partner’s birthday, look for the website of a reputed baker’s or confectioner’s in their city. And then have their favorite kind of cake delivered to their place.
  6. Look for a play, concert or movie that is going on in your partner’s city. Book online tickets for anything that you are sure they will enjoy and then have them delivered to their address.
  7. Look for local spas in your partner’s city and order a gift certificate so that your mate can pamper his/her senses for a day.
  8. If you want to send something personal, make a DVD by compiling footage from old home movies including you and your partner. Include an appearance from yourself at the end reading out a love letter or reciting his/her favorite love poem and then send the DVD over.
  9. Buy a piece of jewelry that you know your partner will like. Ask the jeweler to engrave it with your initials and then have it delivered by a reliable courier agency to her place.
  10. If your mate loves to play golf, send him a gift certificate from a reputed brand of golf accessories.
  11. Check out websites that specialize in gift baskets. Choose one which would include your partner’s favorite candies, gums and chocolates and then ask the gift basket to be delivered to his/her place.
  12. If you have digital photos showing the two of you in a romantic pose, turn one of them into a greeting card, either on your home computer or with the help of certain websites. Personalize the card with a loving message and send it to your partner.
  13. Gift your partner a cordless phone that is enabled with Skype technology. Not only will you both drastically cut down on your long distance phone bills by using free calls with Skype but you need not even use a PC as long as you have WI-FI access.
  14. Send a bracelet to your partner for their next Birthday and make sure it is engraved with a romantic message like ‘Love Knows No Boundaries’.

  15. Give your long distance communication a unique take by a sending a love telegram this time. If love letters are old-fashioned, then telegrams are sure to be ancient and therefore, so much more fun!
  16. Create a Long Distance Relationship workbook. Decorate a scrapbook with photos, love letters, movie tickets, restaurant bills and any other evidence from the times you have spent together. If your partner has a sentimental streak, set aside a column or few pages where they can make their own entries.
  17. The next time you go looking for a gift for your partner, choose items like coffee mugs, pillowcases or bookends that come in pairs. Customize them with designs or messages that are connected to each other – like a set of pillow cases can have ‘SOUL’ written on one and ‘MATE’ on the other.
  18. The internet message clock seems to have been invented by someone in a long distance relationship. Apart from displaying the time, date and temperature, the clock also receives and displays messages from anywhere on earth with an internet connection.
  19. You can send your partner a Mizpah charm. This is a special type of jewelry that is separated between two pieces and each partner wears a part of it. These usually come in the form of lockets and are inscribed with messages.
  20. Choose an item of daily use like a T-shirt, hat or water bottle for your partner and have it printed with a design, logo or even photo. There are several stores and websites which offer such customized designing services.
  21. If you want to avoid the mess and glue that come with creating a normal scrapbook, why not go for a digital photobook. You can fill one of these with photos from your daily life or from the times that you and your partner spent together.
  22. If your beloved has a sweet tooth, what could be more appropriate than a cookie basket? There are several websites that specialize in delivering custom-ordered cookies in various flavors and designs.
  23. If you both are the traditional kind, a twin-photo frame is still the most evocative reminder of your better half. Give a special thought to the material of the frame. Like for anniversary gifts, make sure the photo frame is in the appropriate material say wood for fifth and leather for third wedding anniversary.
  24. Plan a holiday around the time when the two of you are free and make a gift of the flight and hotel bookings to your partner. There is little else that can be more welcome as gifts for a couple who are staying far from each other.
  25. If you and your partner are going to meet some time soon, how about sending a romantic or bedroom game their way. This will give both of you yet another thing to look forward to the time when you are with each other.
  26. If it is convenient, send a potted plant to your partner. Accompany your gift with a message that like the plant, your love too will continue to grow.
  27. Create a love blog for your very own long distance relationship and each day post a message for your beloved to read. For a more interactive experience, add clip-arts, images, videos and sound clips too.
  28. Create a customized calendar that has photos of the two of you to accompany each month of the year. Don’t forget to circle significant dates like anniversaries and birthdays.
  29. For an intimate gift, send your partner a pillowcase or scarf sprinkled with a bit of your perfume or cologne. You can be sure that your beloved will take it to bed with him/her.
  30. Send your loved one a care package with assorted chocolates, cheese and wine and perhaps a cute teddy ‘bearing’ a romantic message from you.
  31. If you are still depending on emails and text-based instant messaging to communicate with each other, gift your partner a webcam this time. Most IM programs now have video-chat options.
  32. There is little that can replace the charm and romance of a hand-written letter. Choose a paper in pastel shades and sign off the epistle with a lipstick kiss or a spritz of your cologne.
  33. In order to have a dinner date with a twist, have your partner’s favorite pizza – or any other food that they like – delivered to their place and dig in around the same time, while chatting over Skype or the phone.
  34. How about gifting your partner a Flickr account and updating it with a daily photo each day. This way you can still ‘see’ each other even while you are separated by distance.
  35. Call your partner on the landline at a time when you know they won’t be around and then leave a romantic message on the voicemail. Your simple gift is sure to bring a smile to their face when they play it.
  36. Play online games together. Even though this might require some advance scheduling, in the end you are sure to have fun with each other.
  37. Make a classic countdown chain from red or green construction paper and send it as a gift. Your partner will not only be thrilled to receive something from you, but happily begin the countdown to your next meeting.
  38. Prepare a small box with assorted minor items that you use daily – like a lipstick, a jacket button, a bottle of aftershave, a comb, handkerchief and so on. Send it over to your partner and they will be touched to receive things which remind them of you.
  39. Gift your beloved a watch and attach a message like “Now whenever you see the time, you’ll think of me”.
  40. Compose an entirely original poem for your beloved. It need not rhyme perfectly but make sure it expresses your truest feelings.
  41. If your partner has had enough of sweet treats as gifts, how about sending something to indulge the other senses. Put together a gift basket with candles, bath salts and pot pourri in your partner’s favorite aroma and send it over.
  42. Mail your beloved a body pillow sprinkled with a few drops of your cologne or perfume and give them something to snuggle with in bed.
  43. Gift your partner a movie night even though you are apart. To do this rent the same DVD and watch it around the same time, suitably with the phone within easy reach for romantic conversation.
  44. If your partner has a gourmet’s appreciation for fine foods, visit a website that specializes in these and choose from a wide selection of foie gras, special sausages, cheese or caviar to indulge him/her.
  45. Gift your mate a club membership which will enable them to pursue any of their favorite interests like golfing, books, dramatics or stamp collection.
  46. An annual subscription to a favorite magazine or periodical can also make for a wonderful gift for a partner who is away.
  47. Naming a star for your beloved is both utterly romantic and appropriate in a long distance relationship where partners can look at stars as something that connect them from afar.
  48. Gift your partner photos from various parts of your body, one for each week till they have a full jigsaw puzzle of you. The best thing about this gift is that it can be as naughty or nice as you like.
  49. Use computer templates to create a “World’s Best Kisser” or “World’s Best Boy/Girlfriend” certificate for your partner, print it out and send it by post.
  50. Finally the best gift that your partner can receive is You. So save some money and plan a holiday to be with your sweetheart and you both are sure to have the best time of your lives.