Aries - Aries Love Compatibility - Aries Couple in Love


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar and includes those born between 20th March and 20th April. Men of this zodiac are mostly energetic, independent and masculine while its women are brimming with an effervescence and confidence that is difficult to resist. The ruling planet of this sign is Mars and like the Roman god of war, they are happiest when in the thick of action. They love been driven by one activity to another, firing up ideas and motivating everyone around them including co-workers, friends and lovers to join the fun. Not unsurprisingly, the element associated with the sign is fire and both Aries men and women seem to burn with a sizzling energy and unflagging enthusiasm as they juggle multiple interests and passions. The influence of Mars is also evident in their strong independent personalities which detest being bound by too many rules and conventions. Their fiery independence also comes through in relationships as the Aries lover cannot be dominated not or held down to others’ expectations of how one should and should not behave.


Challenges facing Aries man-Aries woman love match

The above characteristics of the Aries personality in general and the Aries lover in particular are enough to indicate that an Aries-Aries romantic equation is not the easiest to pull through. The influences of the ruling planet Mars and the ruling element fire make the relationship between a man and woman of this zodiac a potentially volatile one. Sun meets sun and fire meets fire possessing all the ingredients of a conflagration. The Aries is infamous for possessing a massive ego and both men and women are prone to think that they know the best and others need to take advice from them. This often leads to conflicts where each side is unwilling to bend or give an inch to the other and which is why the two Rams can often be found locking horns with each other. The Aries male is especially quick to anger and may give in to nasty outbursts of temper if they feel their ego has been wounded. Aries women on the other might not express her anger physically but she is equally likely to possess a nasty temper which may reveal itself in sharp words and rash impulsive actions. Both Aries men and women can stretch an argument till Kingdom come and often their know-it-all attitude can degenerate into arrogance, taking the relationship to breaking point yet neither willing to admit that the other might have a point.

Yet another aspect of the Aries lover is his/her constant need for variety. Both the Aries man and woman thrive in the heart of action and are in perpetual search for new things to do and experiment. This hankering for novelty might not make for a steady long term relationship between both genders of the zodiac. While the two can hit off instantly and sparks fly on the first few dates, each might find it difficult to maintain interest in the other over a longer period of time. The reason for this is that the Aries personality needs new challenges in order to feel alive and when not presented with enough to do might eventually lose interest in a prospective partner.

How to make an Aries man and Aries woman love match work?

The secret to making Aries man and Aries woman love compatibility is for each to become less ego-centric. Easier said than done considering that the self is of the utmost importance to the Aries personality and even in love, an Aries can seldom look beyond himself of herself. However if you are keen to make your relationship with a fellow Aries work, give in a little more and learn to consider the other person’s point of view. While the Aries male can pick up anger management techniques so as to stop flying into a rage when met with immovable opposition from his partner, the Aries female can try to let go off her superior stance every now and then. Once an Aries couple learns to tone down their egoistic selves more often, there is a lot that they can do look forward to in their relationship.

One great thing about an Aries man and Aries woman coupling is the intensity and lively passion they stand to bring to their sex lives. Both are great at experimentation and can be counted upon to come up with fun and energetic ideas in order to make sex a fulfilling experience.

Yet another aspect of the Aries personality which makes for a successful relationship between both genders of the same zodiac is their frank and honest natures. Despite their clashing egos, they often manage to keep the faith with each other by staying away from deceit and underhand motivations. An Aries couple can drive each other round the bend and even make one another jealous by open flirting with someone else, but rarely will they engage in a furtive affair.

So what does it take to attract an Aries man? If you are an Aries woman, try to make him do a little pursuing. An Aries especially a man, loves the prospect of a challenge and you will find him the most charming, attentive and enthusiastic lover when he is swept by with the act of wooing you. Also down the line, remember not to get intimated by an Aries guy’s bossiness. When you know you are right, stand your ground in a disagreement and you will secretly win his respect and admiration.

Then again if you are an Aries guy, keen on holding on to your Aries girl, make an effort to include as much variety as you can in your dating activities. This is a woman who needs the thrill of doing new things and if you cannot give that to her she may quickly lose interest in you. You may also find your Aries girlfriend extremely popular with other guys – instead of getting jealous and throwing tantrums accept this as an expression of her ebullient personality and give her the space she needs.

To an outsider, the Aries man-Aries woman pairing seems to forever ready to butt their heads and veer from one confrontation to another. However this is really their own way of presenting each other with ever new challenges which they need to feel alive in a relationship.