Aries - Cancer Love Compatibility


Aries and Cancer are the first and fourth signs of the zodiac calendar respectively. An Aries is all about action and enterprise, ruled as it is by the red planet Mars which in classical mythology was also the God of War. Radically different from this is the Cancer whose ruling planet is the Moon and because of which it is more inward-looking, attuned to its emotional self and attached to domestic pleasures. The ruling element for the Aries is fire hardly surprising considering the Ram’s capacity for sizzling energy as also fiery outbursts of temper. Cancer on the other hand is ruled by Water, making it more sensitive and introverted but also highly imaginative. Interestingly, both Aries and Cancer are Cardinal signs which have to do with initiating action and motivating others to follow. The differences in ruling elements ensures that while the firebrand Aries leads others by being totally committed to his/her own vision, a Cancer touches the heart and uses an emotional connection to inspire others.