Aries - Gemini Love Compatibility


Aries and Gemini are the first and third signs of the zodiac calendar respectively. The former is a cardinal sign leading Aries men and women to take the initiative in any project that catches their fancy, including wooing the Twins in this case. Gemini on the other hand is a mutable sign, easily slipping this way and that and adapting itself to changing circumstances. The ruling planet for Aries is Mars, the Roman God of War, which explains their need to place themselves in the heart of action as well as their strong egoistical streak. Gemini on the other hand is ruled by Mercury, the busy messenger of the Gods in classical mythology, which makes the Twins adept at multi-tasking and juggling several interests at once. While the two signs are united in their love for action and their apparently unflagging energy, the ruling element imparts certain importance differences. Aries men and women are children of the fire, hence their brilliant minds as well as a tendency to quick temper. In case of the Gemini, the ruling element air lends them a distance from messy emotional tangles which works well to keep temperamental Aries partners at bay besides lending them an ebullience that their lovers find irresistible.