Cancer - Virgo Love Compatibility


Cancer and Virgo are respectively the fourth and sixth signs in the zodiac system. These two signs are quite compatible romantically even though their unique personality traits can create some differences. Overall Cancer and Virgo are well-poised for a lasting relationship once they agree to be a little more understanding of each other’s motivations.

The basic cause of optimism as far as Cancer-Virgo love compatibility is concerned is the fact that both signs love to please others. In Cancer this takes the form of a caring and affectionate nature which is also deeply attuned to what a partner may be feeling or thinking. The Virgo at the same time is well known for their solicitous natures which find great joy and satisfaction in being of help to others. In fact, had the Cancer been allied to an Aries or Gemini, the former would have found him/herself doing most of the giving in the relationship. Thus when a Cancer and Virgo have each other for partners, they can be assured of a warm and supportive relationship.


Then again both signs have no attraction for the limelight. Unlike a Leo or an Aries, they do not need to put themselves in the center of attention and action all the time. Both the Cancer and Virgo are rather retiring personalities with the Virgo being the more reserved of the two. This does away with the complications that are bound to arise in a relationship where one partner wants to go out and party while the other would rather stay at home.

However the Cancer-Virgo pairing might encounter hurdles because of their respective temperaments. Owing to the ruling element of water, the Cancer is rather emotional; they tend to experience events and relationships according to the emotions roused within them. The Virgo on the other hand is more practical; being an earth sign, they are more grounded in the material value of experiences and are motivated by a utilitarian mindset. This conflict between the emotional and rational halves is bound to create problems in a relationship and the only way in which the two can continue together is to imbibe a little of the other’s values.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

The male Cancer when allied with the female Virgo can look forward to a relationship enriched with a deep sense of belonging and unstinting affection. Even though it might take some wooing on the part of the male Crab to encourage the Virgin to let down her defenses, once she does so, he will be loved and served with a generous heart. This is because both the signs are extremely caring and in fact one of their greatest pleasures is to be of service to someone, especially their loved ones. So while the Cancerian guy will ensure on their anniversary that he buys just the kind of flowers his partner likes, she in return will take great pains to rustle up his favorite dinner. Best of all both will be content to spend their special evening in each other’s company instead of having a huge celebration at a nightclub or a resort. And even their lovemaking will be a highly satisfying experience. While the Cancer will ensure that there is deep emotional intimacy, the Virgo will ensure it is a passionate encounter as well. This is because the Virgo is after all an earth sign. And even its mutable quality makes it hesitant, behind the initial reserve the Virgo is firmly grounded in her physical senses which makes her a highly sensual lover.

However if this relationship is to last both partners will need to be more understanding of each other’s individual quirks. The Virgo is well known for being a perfectionist and this desire for being the best sometimes makes her less tolerant of other’s imperfections. The Cancer on the other hand possesses an extremely sensitive soul and even the slightest hint of criticism from a loved one can send him scuttling to his shell. Thus in order for peace to reign, the Virgo partner will have to tone down her critical nature while the Cancer will simply need to grow up; he will have to understand that it does not do to be overly touchy in the real world which is often harsh and inconsiderate. Once the two signs learn to be walk in tune with each other, they have every chance of a long and successful innings.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

Once the male Virgo is able to muster up enough courage to reach out to the Cancer woman he will find in her a sweet and caring partner. She on the other hand will be assured by the deeply responsible nature of the Virgo man who once he commits himself will never shirk his duties. If they decide to have a home together, the female Crab will willingly take on the role of the caregiver and nurturer, catering to every need of her partner and showering their children with maternal care. The Virgo man at the same time see to it that all his family’s needs are fulfilled even if it means his staying back at work, more often than before.

Herein lies one potential problem area for the Cancer-Virgo couple. While the female Crab will seek a greater emotional intimacy with her partner, the Virgo might not lay great store on the sharing of feelings and emotions. This is because contrary to the Cancer’s deeply emotional nature, the Virgo is essentially practical and believes that the best evidence of his commitment to the relationship lies in his ability to fulfill all responsibilities towards his partner and provide material security to her. Thus in order to dismiss mutual suspicion, it is essential that both partners understand and respond to different ways of seeking validation in a relationship. After all both the Cancer and Virgo are sincere and extremely dependable. Neither of them is prone to impetuous wanderings as the Sagittarius or given to the airy detachment of an Aquarius. Each knows that love is for keeps and their innately caring natures will make this a supportive as well as lasting relationship.