Leo - Sagittarius Love Compatibility


Leo and Sagittarius make up the fifth and ninth signs of the zodiac system. Both are fire signs and thus share more than a few interests and personality traits. The two might have made one of the most compatible couples had it not been for the fact that they share rather different views on commitment. Even then, both the individuals are full of energy, vigor and enthusiasm and when they get together, the match is likely to result in lots of happiness for both.

One of the strongest ties that bind the Leo and Sagittarius to each other is a shared zest for life and a love of all that is bright, fun and good in it. Both signs have fire as their ruling element which imparts in them a capacity to be inspired by the best and noblest that the world has to offer. Above all both are extremely social personalities and love being in the thick of friends and acquaintances – all feeding into each other to create a massive wave of inspired and positive energy. What it means in realistic terms, is that the Leo and Sagittarius partners will never run out of interesting things to do with each other. The arts, travel, exotic cuisine and faraway cruises are only some of the things that will bind the Lion and Archer together as they embark on their very own romantic adventure.


Yet another aspect of the Leo and Sagittarius pairing is that both share an open, expansive heart. There are few things that the Archer hates more than a deceitful and duplicitous nature. And while the Leo is not above a little flattery, they are too intelligent not to recognize when it is being motivated by insincerity. The Leo places high premium on truthfulness and hates pettiness and hypocrisy in the same degree as the Sagittarius. This common trait ensures that both are honest and generous with each other, a force which can often be more effecting in keep a couple together rather than fake appreciation and vain flattery.

However where the Leo-Sagittarius is likely to falter is in their contradictory interpretations of commitment. Few things matter more to a Leo in a relationship than unquestioning loyalty; just as the king of the jungle demands complete subservience from all the subjects, the Leo too expects unflinching commitment from a partner and is in fact willing to return it in equal measure. This is perhaps a consequence of the fixed sign that the Leo bears which makes them unwavering in their loyalties. The Sagittarius on the other hand is a mutable sign and consequently much more flexible in their attachments and priorities. It is not that a Sagittarius cannot make a faithful partner but they must first be assured of their personal independence so that they can range free in their world of ideas and adventure. Once the Leo is able to grant them this breathing space and the Sagittarius in turn is able to make the former feel secure, there is no reason why the relationship cannot be joyous as well as long lasting.

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

The male Leo and female Sagittarius share a high degree of compatibility because of their energetic and vivacious natures. Each will introduce the other to a whole range of new interests and activities while their courtship will be full of the verve and enthusiasm that are the hallmarks of all fire signs. Then again both are exceedingly social in nature and will delight going out with mutual friends and meeting new people.

While the male Lion and female Archer seem to be made for each other, they will have to careful to  respect each other’s emotional compulsions. The Sagittarius woman is impossible to pin down and on occasions that her Leo partner goes on to rage and roar in fits of jealousy, she might even give free reign to her frank and forthright speech. This in turn will wound the male Leo ego deeply and his innate pride might then make it difficult for him to forgive and forget.

However before things come to such a pass, both the Leo man and Sagittarius woman are capable of reaching deep down into their hearts and coming up with the best of their natures. While the innate generosity of the Leo partner will help him to take a broader view of things, the mutable quality of the Sagittarius woman will convince her of the wisdom of adapting to the different moods and compulsions of her lover. in fact it is this mutable quality which makes a Leo-Sagittarius different from another fire sign couple, the Leo-Aries. The latter because of unyielding egos on both sides has greater chances of tempestuous conflicts than the former where the Sagittarian’s more flexible nature allows her to take the leonine pride in her stride.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Here too similar social and aesthetic interests will form the main binding force for this couple. The male Archer will sweep away the female Lion to a romantic adventure that is marked by passion and imagination while the latter will enliven their lovemaking with ardor and sensuality. At the same time both will look forward to mingling with friends and families in order to further enrich their lives with love and positive energy.

Over time however certain differences in interests may crop up between the Leo woman and Sagittarius man. The latter is deeply concerned with issues like justice and fair-play and can often be found firing up ideas and systems which will benefit the entire human race. The Leo woman however may not share the Sagittarius man’s forward-looking visions and may be more interested in making her own life worthwhile and luxurious. Thus while the Archer might find his partner’s interests narrow and self-centered, the Leo woman might be irked by all this noise about reforms and progress. However in the end both are united in their mutual abhorrence of meanness and dishonesty which is why they are not only socially but also to an extent psychologically compatible too.