Pisces - Pisces Love Compatibility - Pisces Couple in Love


Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac calendar and includes all those are born between 20th February and 20th March. The sign is synonymous with creativity, compassion and versatility which is why the Pisces-Pisces couple makes for a romantic if rather sentimental match. 

A defining characteristic of the Pisces personality is their rich imagination which lends a many-hued creativity to their lives, including romantic relationships. Thus a Pisces-Pisces pair can be trusted to have a fantastic courtship, full of old-world romance and deep emotional intimacy. While such attributes can enrich any other relationship, it is all the more special between two Pisces since they are best placed to understand and appreciate their wanderings together through a dream world. While the frequent imaginative flights of a Piscean might appear escapist to the more practical earth sign or even passive to their intense and energetic fire sign, it is the perfect way for a fellow Pisces to spend time in each other’s company. They will write each other the most touching love letters, go for long moonlit drives and while making love, reach for the highest planes of ecstasy which they can rarely hope to achieve with anyone else.


A far more important consequence of the Pisces’ vivid sense of imagination is an ability to reach out emotionally to their partners. Being a water sign, the Pisces is deeply attuned to waves of emotion both within themselves as well as in others. Thus a Piscean partner is inherently capable of putting him/herself in a partner’s shoes and view a situation with their perspective. This makes a Piscean lover naturally caring and sensitive to his/her partner’s needs and wishes, whether emotional or physical. While this kind of empathetic imagination is a blessing in any relationship, it is particularly crucial for the mutual compatibility of Pisces lovers because of their innate shy nature. The Fish has neither the Gemini’s powers of communication nor the Aries’ supreme confidence to put forth their feelings and perspectives. Hence it is extremely important that a Pisces be in a relationship with someone who can intuitively understand their deepest thoughts and emotions and who better equipped to do this than a fellow Pisces? Thus when a Fish is feeling low or brimming with happiness, his/her Pisces lover can be depended on, not only to notice it but respond in an appropriate way.

One of the most beautiful ways that the rich Piscean imagination finds expression is in their sex lives. For a Pisces couple, making love is much less a coming together of bodies and more about being connected on a creative or even mystical level. Their lovemaking may not be inflamed by the burning passions of a Scorpio couple or the earthy sensuality of a Taurus pair but is sure to be imbued with the warmth of romance and emotional intimacy. In fact the Piscean gift of the imagination might make them willing participants for erotic role play. This is hardly likely to suit rather staid partners like the Virgo or Capricorn who shudder at the thought of trying out anything unconventional. The Pisces on the other hand may be quite comfortable with exploring sexual roles which are not violent or aggressive but rather romantic with a touch of the risqué. For the same reason, Piscean lovemaking might also feature erotic games. The Fish is one of the few lovers in the zodiac who are quite willing to explore unusual scenarios and offbeat activities while making love and this in fact makes sex between Pisces partners great fun as well as highly satisfying.

The most important aspect of the Pisces-Pisces love match however is a mutual ability to understand and respond to each other’s emotional needs. Like all other water signs, the Pisces is exceedingly emotional in nature and holds the exchange of innermost feelings and thoughts with a partner as one of the primary conditions of being in love. Unfortunately not everyone can understand this compulsion; to a practical earth sign like the Virgo or Capricorn, the Fish’s expectations smack of sentimentality while to the air and fire signs like the Aquarius and Aries, the Piscean need for emotional security appears suffocating and seems to weigh them down. Thus the Pisces can hope to be really understood by another water sign; even here the moodiness of the Cancer and the fierce possessiveness of the Scorpio are unlikely to make them ideal partners for the Fish. It is only with a fellow Pisces that a Fish can hope to achieve complete understanding of their emotional needs as well as the reassurance that comes with emotional security.

However the emotionality of this sign also poses the biggest challenge to the Pisces-Pisces pair. In a relationship where both partners seek to view experiences through the prism of feelings, reality can get distorted and small issues often blown out of proportion. Since the Pisces lacks the emotional detachment of air signs as well as the common sense of the earth signs, it might be extremely difficult for them to cater to the practical demands as well as cope with the niggling problems of everyday living. A Pisces dislikes being rushed to do things or fulfil responsibilities; while this is an endearing fault in highly creative personalities, it might make day-to-day living for a Pisces couple rather chaotic and stressful, perhaps even leading to a breakup.

Then again the Pisces tendency to shirk unhappiness and disharmony makes them take things, even unpleasant ones, in their stride rather than talk it out or adopt a proactive stance towards resolving them. Thus a Pisces couple might continue with their unhappy lives and eventually succumb to depression or simply drift away from each other to avoid conflict.

In the end however what can save a Pisces-Pisces relationship from being bogged down in an emotional morass is their mutable natures. The Pisces is a mutable sign which means that they have an inborn ability to adapt to varied situations and personalities. This innate flexibility is sure to be a great help when both Pisces partners need to cope with the consequences of their emotional natures as well as motivations which lie beyond the pale of reason and materialism.