Virgo - Aquarius Love Compatibility


The Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac calendar and the Aquarius is the eleventh. The two signs appear to be as far from each other in location as in terms of personalities. Thus romantic compatibility in this match is squarely dependent on whether the couple uses their mutual differences to complement or undermine each other in the relationship.

The basic difference between the Virgo and Aquarius is a consequence of different ruling elements for either zodiac. As an earth sign, the Virgo has a practical approach to life; they are grounded in common sense and motivated by tangible results. The Aquarius on the other hand is a child of air and thus uses their mind to make sense of the world and its experiences. As far as their relationship is concerned, the realistic nature of the Virgo will be expecting it to lead somewhere while the Aquarius will take their own time to agree to any kind of commitment. Also for a Virgo being of practical assistance to a partner as in helping them set up a house or prepare a presentation is extremely important – indeed this is best way they can express their love. An Aquarius on the hand is comfortable living their own separate lives and would rather engage in long complex intellectual discussions with a partner to feel romantically connected. This major difference in perspectives can be a stumbling block as far as Virgo-Aquarius love compatibility is concerned.


Then again the Virgo is shy and reserved by nature while the Aquarius delights in flaunting their unique brand of individuality. Even though not as traditional as the Capricorn, the Virgo nevertheless is extremely cautious and would not be caught dead stepping out of line; in fact their own perfectionist nature further deepens this streak of the conventional. The Aquarius on the other hand is known as the rebel of the zodiac system – they are attracted to original ways of thinking, living and loving and abhor succumbing to systems just because it has always been so. This kind of contrary attitude hardly bodes well for the

Virgo-Aquarius couple

However what can work for this match is a mutual recognition of individual attributes and a willingness to use them to complement each other. The Virgo has a keen, meticulous mind which can go deep into details and work at them tirelessly for long stretches of time; the result is a job not only done well but as near to perfection as anyone can get. The Aquarius too possesses a brilliant mind but which is capable of dealing with abstractions and generalizations. Thus both signs not only possess remarkable mental powers but stand well poised to complement one another – while the Virgo can help translate the Aquarius’ visions into workable reality, the latter can encourage the former to take a broader, more relaxed and hopeful view of things.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Upon their initial encounter, the male Virgo and female Aquarius will be drawn to each other’s strength of mind more than physical attributes. The Virgin will recognize in the Water Bearer a mind brimming with brilliant ideas and fertile thoughts while the latter will appreciate the keen and sharp focus of the former’s intellect.

When the two come together in love, it will be a revelation of sorts for both. The Virgo man will discover unplumbed depths of passion in his own self and a hitherto unknown sensuality he possesses on account of this earthy nature. The Aquarius on the other hand will bring in a wilder, more adventurous element into their lovemaking and thus encourage her Virgo partner to let go of all remaining inhibitions.

However on the day-to-day level the love match may run into serious problems. The Virgo man might consider the Aquarius too abstract and hence unreliable as a partner since she is more interested in thinking up plans rather than turning them into reality. The Aquarius woman on the other hand might be irked by the narrow focus of the Virgo’s attentions which cannot look beyond the material and the specific. Also the relationship might lack a warmth since it does not encourage emotional intimacy; both the Virgo and Aquarius are wary of sharing their deepest feelings unlike a water sign such as Cancer or Pisces who might have imbued the relationship with a sense of deep emotional belonging.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

The match between the female Virgo and male Aquarius is again more likely to be based on an intellectual connection rather than an emotional one; it will be more of a meeting of the minds rather than of the hearts. While the Virgo woman will be impressed by her partner’s intellectual breadth and capacity to grasp wide-ranging and complicated abstractions, he in turn will respect her keen mental powers and her untiring efforts to live and love according to her own high standards. What this means for their relationship is that it will be grounded in mutual appreciation and respect but lacking in emotional bonding. Due to this lack, the two might end up living rather isolated lives and following individual compulsions even if they manage to avoid conflicts.

Then again the Aquarius is not one to succumb to conventional notions of commitment; he likes his freedom and is wary of pledging himself to a single person. The Virgo on the other hand needs some kind of security in a relationship since lack of stability might further heighten her innate nervousness and cause her to further withdraw into herself.

However one aspect which could bring them together is a shared sense of service to humanity. In case of the Virgo this is expressed as a desire to help others or do something to share their burden. On the other hand the Aquarius expresses his concern for humanity by inventing knowledge and sciences which has the potential to improve the lot of mankind. This might not appear to help much in their love lives, but the very fact that they share important values could work to keep them together in the journey of life.