10 Celebrities Who Married their High School Sweethearts


While it seems difficult to believe that celebrities with all their money and fame could find love with the average person, truth is there are many personalities from showbiz who have preferred to settle down with partners from when they were in high school or college. Whether it is due to the desire for normalcy when constantly in the limelight or simply as a result of falling in love, here are ten famous personalities who have chosen their high school sweethearts as their life partners.

  1. Ron Howard Director Ron Howard got hitched to his high-school sweetheart Cheryl Alley as early as June 1975 and ever since their thirty-six year-old marriage seems to have been going strong. Howard became famous with films like Cocoon, Apollo 13 and more recently the Da Vince Code. However he entered the movie industry with playing the role of the typical small-town American boy, Opie, on the Andy Griffith Show. And in fact his personal life seems to have been inspired by the same innocence and romance.
  2. Paula Patton

    Known for appearances in the films like Idlewild, Déjà Vu , Mirrors,  Jumping the Broom  and most recently Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Paula Patton is married to R&B singer and songwriter Robin Thicke. During their high school years, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke met at a teen night club. In 1993, the same year they met, despite the criticism they received about their interracial relationship, decided to start dating and did so even as the two went off to college. About 12 years later, the couple said “I do” and in 2010 they had their first son together.
  3. Snoop Dog

    Rap start Snoop Dogg met future wife Shante Taylor while the two were attending Polytechnic High School. Their romance blossomed during their young years and in 1994 the couple had their first son named Corde. Just three years later they had a second son, Cordell, and in 2000 the two had their first daughter, Cori. Despite a rocky relationship, Snoop and Shante have stuck together.
  4. Bon Jovi

    Bon Jovi has gone all out to defy the stereotype that musicians make terrible husbands. He not only married a girl that he met in high school but has remained married to the same woman for over 22 years. In 1989, at the age of 27, Bon Jovi took time off of touring with his band to secretly elope with his high school sweetheart and the now-mother of his four kids, Dorothea Hurley, at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.
  5. Bono

    Yet another rock-star who wed his high-school sweetheart is U2 frontman Bono. He met his wife-to-be Ali Hewson while growing up and going to school together in Dublin. Becoming a couple when the two were only fifteen wasn’t the easiest task to conquer, but the pair have made it through all of their ups and downs. And though the marriage has gone through some pretty rough patches, Hewson has revealed that their shared memories as childhood sweethearts in Ireland is what keeps their relationship strong. The
    couple wed in 1982, when Bono was just 22, and have been together ever since!
  6. Mitt Romney

    The former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential front-runner met his wife, Ann, in elementary school. As teenagers, Mitt took Ann on their first date to see Julie Andrews skipping around on-screen in The Sound of Music. Later, during his high school prom, he asked her if they could be a couple. Four years later, the couple married in 1969 and though Romney lost the 2012 presidential race, he is a happy family man, proud to have five sons and sixteen grandchildren with his high-school sweetheart turned wife.
  7. Eminem

    Another rapper who dated and went on to marry his high school sweetheart but proved less successful in love is Eminem. He met Kim when in high school and the couple went on to marry, divorce, and marry and divorce again. In fact Eminem and Kim's on-and-off relationship is the subject of many of the rapper's songs. Though Eminem and Kim could not have a stable marriage, they have managed to raise a 15-year-old daughter together.
  8. Jeff Daniels

    Sometimes small-town love is the best kind of love to be in. Actor Jeff Daniels met wife-to-be Kathleen Treado during their high school years when the two both lived in Chelsea, Michigan. The couple got married in 1979 and had their first child, Benjamin, in 1984. Since 1984 they have had two more children, Lucas and Nellie.

  9. Chris O’ Donnell

    American actor and star of such movies as Batman Forever and Batman and Robin as well as of the more recent TV series, NCIS, O’Donnell met his wife Caroline Fentress in college and hasn't been with anyone else since. The actor met Fentress, an elementary school teacher, while he was living in the same building as her brother. The couple got married in 1997 and now have a family of five children.
  10. Mariano Rivera

    Panamian Baseball star Mariano Rivera and his wife Clara have known each other since elementary school. Rivera who has played eighteen seasons in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees married his childhood sweetheart on November 9, 1991 and the couple now have three sons: Mariano Jr., Jafet, and Jazie. In the course of his professional baseball career, Rivera has made several efforts to bridge the cultural gap and is now a proponent of Latino players learning English and of American press members learning Spanish.