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Australia and New Zealand have similar laws in many aspects of marriage and partnerships. One of these is a gender-neutral meaning of partnership or de-facto relationship which grants a legal status to same-sex couples in both the countries but as yet does not legalize gay marriage. Among the many rights and privileges that same-sex couples share with heterosexual couples in Australia and New Zealand, one of the most important has to do with immigration of foreign gay partners into the country.

Due to historical and cultural reasons, certain parts of the world offer a much better quality of life than others. While most of the times, this is due to better economic opportunities and facilities like health and housing benefits, sometimes it is also about cultural, religious and sexual freedom – free to simply live the way you want to, as long you are not hurting others. No wonder then that immigrants employ several means to get permanent residence status, one of which is marrying for a visa.

It is unethical

The United Kingdom has one of the strictest policies on an alien qualifying for permanent residence status on the basis of marriage to a UK citizen. This is probably due to conditions of illegal immigration that the country has been fighting in the last few decades. So if you are marrying a UK citizen or a permanent resident of the country, it makes sense to go through the immigration aspects before you apply for a visa to the country.

Entry Clearance Applications

With increasing globalization, it has become easier for people from different parts of the world to come together and fall in love. If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent citizen and are thinking of getting married, here are some immigration aspects you need to consider before you can legally move to Australia.

Applying for partner visa

Since the past few decades, United Kingdom has been facing issues of illegal immigration. One of the ways that the country has responded is by regularly increasing visa restrictions. Prospective immigrants now facing higher hurdles to permanent residence in the UK have begun looking for other ways they can gain access to the country - for instance by arriving on a tourist visa and then marrying someone in the UK and hoping to stay on. If you are thinking on these lines as a way of becoming a permanent resident of UK, it is best you know what the law has to say.

Canada has some of the most emancipated laws when it comes to marriage and divorce. It was the first country in North America and the fourth in the world to legalize same sex marriages across the nation. Apart from this, Canada offers a high quality of life which attracts many foreign partners in marital relationships with Canadian citizens. So if you and your sweetheart are planning to getting married in Canada on a tourist visa, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Who can get married in Canada?

International travel in these times is bound many complexities of visa and immigration. Most countries have clearly defined purposes for incoming overseas travelers, like business or tourism. When categories get mixed up like personal and tourism, it not only leads to further paperwork but in extreme cases, raises suspicions of attempts to immigrate illegally. So before you land in the US on tourist visa and head for the church to get married, keep these laws in mind.

Visa fraud

Canada has a relatively strict set of laws when it comes to immigration. However if you are in a serious relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent citizen, you have a strong chance of being allowed into the country to be with the one you love. But before you start packing, it may be wise to go through laws and applications processes of spousal immigration to Canada.

Eligibility conditions

American citizens or permanent residents of the US are the some of the most coveted partners for singles all over the world, particularly developing countries. while the  prospect of better lifestyle attracts many, the freedom to live and love exactly the way one wants has sometimes even more appeal. If you too are in a relationship with a US citizen or permanent resident and are planning to immigrate to the “land of the Free and the home of the Brave”, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Fiance(e) Visa


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