The Line of Head

Another important point of consideration in relation to the islands in the Line of Head, is to note their position on the line itself, or under what finger they make their appearance.

If the Line of Head itself should curve upward, especially at the end towards the fourth finger or Mount of Mercury (4-4, Plate V.), it denotes almost without exception that the longer the person lives the more his desire for money and his determination to possess it will become stronger every year.

Another extremely interesting point in studying the Line of Head is to take notice of certain changes in its position, or lines either dropping or rising from it, which will also be found to give very remarkable information. For example: if a sloping Line of Head at any point in its track seems to curve or slightly bend upwards (1-1, Plate V.), it indicates that about that period of the person's life some unusual strain will be forced upon him.

There are seven distinct types of hands, bearing in their own way more or less relationship to the Seven Races of Humanity.

These seven types of hands are as follows:

i.    The Elementary or Lowest type Hand
ii.    The Square, also called the Useful or Practical Hand
iii.    The Spatulate or Active Hand
iv.    The Philosophic Hand
v.    The Conic or Artistic Hand
vi.    The Psychic or Idealistic Hand
vii.    The Mixed Hand


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