Reading the Line of Success, Otherwise Called the Line of Sun

The Line of Success or of Sun is as the Sun is to the Earth, whenever it appears on the hand it promises brightness, success, and increase of for- tune. Its best position is rising from the wrist to the base of the third finger. (Plate 1.)

When this line rises on the inside of the Line of Life (Mount of Venus) riches or success comes through Love such as produced by a wealthy union. (Plate 2.)

When rising from the extreme outside base of the hand (otherwise known as the Mount of Luna or the Moon) the success promised depends more on the caprice of the public and is usually associated with public favourites, such as stage or film stars, singers, artists who create sensational work, and such-like. (Plate 3.) In this position it never promises such solid or lasting fame or glory as if the line rises straight from the wrist or later on from the centre of the palm or from the Line of Fate.

Rising out of, or from the Line of Fate, the Line of Success is more certain in its promise that career of the person will be successful. From whatever date it leaves the Fate Line it denotes that from that exact time the individual will begin to reap the reward he or she has worked for. (Plate 4.) If it continues without any breaks up to the base of the third finger, so will the success be equally continuous.

A number of small lines from the centre of the palm to the third finger are also fortunate, but not so good or as important as one long line equal in strength and appearance to the Line of Fate itself. A number of lines usually denotes that the person's success will be divided by different aims and ambitions. (Plate 5.)

When this line first makes its appearance from the Line of Head, success will begin only after middle life and will come from the person's own mental work ; there is no element of what is called "luck" when it is in that position. (Plate 6.)

When the Line of Sun has a gap in it, it is called "broken," and all success and luck will cease while the break lasts.

When it appears with a loop or "island" in it (Plate 7), this sign is not as bad as if the line is "broken," but the "island" foretells scandal, notoriety, and damaging publicity at the date the "island" appears (dates and times will be explained in a following chapter).

When the Line of Success sends a branch from it to any other Mount under the base of the fingers, the success promised takes after the qualities of that particular Mount. (Plate 8.)

Examples : A branch to the first finger (Mount of Jupiter) promises success and fame in rule and authority over others.

To the base of the second finger (Mount of Saturn or Fate) the man or woman is more the "child of Fate," such as that "man of Destiny," Napoleon. To its own Mount (The Sun) success, glory, happiness and public life.

To the base of the fourth finger (Mount of Mercury) success in commerce, science and practical matters. (Plate 8.)

When no line of Sun or Success is found on a hand, there is no element of "luck" or "chance" in the career. There will be little happiness, brightness or fame, but if the Line of Fate is prominent the person may be equally powerful in whatever their career may be, but they will get little or no credit in a public sense for whatever they may do.

The Line of the Sun is the most favourable sign found on the hand.

It may rise from the Line of Life, the Line of Head, the Mount of Luna, the centre of the palm, otherwise called the Plain of Mars, or from the Line of Heart.

Rising from the Line of Life, it promises great success won by talent and personal merit. If found in a hand without any special development it is even then a sure sign of ultimate success.

From the Mount of Luna, it foretells success and distinction, but largely dependent upon others. In this case it is not a certain sign of success, it being so influenced by the fortunes of others. With a sloping Line of Head, however, it gives success in poetry, literature, the arts, and all original and imaginative work.

Rising from the centre of the palm, the Plain of Mars, it is not nearly so good, success being only won after difficulty, by hard work, personal merit, perseverance, fighting and exertion.

Rising from the Line of Heart, it gives great taste for art and artistic things ; but these people never make much use of their artistic life, unless the linger of the Sun be spatulate, then the tendency of life would be for dramatic art, and if the Line of Head he good, these subjects make distinct success in all dramatic work and in public life, but success comes late in life.

If the third finger be nearly equal with the second finger in length, a Line of Sun, with such formation will give a passion for success in gambling and often great speculation of all kinds.

This line invariably gives a tendency towards sensitiveness a nature that feels and knows its own worth and is, consequently extremely sensitive to the opinion of the World.

With a straight Line of Sun only Head, the Line of the y gives a love of attaining riches, and of material things.

Many lines on the Mount of the Sun denote an extremely artistic nature but multiplicity of ideas will interfere with success.  Such people always have a craving for reputation, and the desire to be famous, time. but generally attempt too many things at the same.

A star on this line is, perhaps, the finest sign that can be found. Brilliant success is, with the possessor, a certainty.

On a hollow hand, this line loses all power.

The complete absence of the Line of the Sun on an otherwise Jong artistic-shaped hand, denotes hard work in any branch of art attempted. These people may deserve success, but they seldom ever get it. The world generally acknowledges them too late. These are the artists who die in poverty and get monuments only over their grave.