Psychic Fraud

The paranormal has long been accepted by prominent thinkers and philosophers of humanity as existing alongside with material reality. And yet sometimes concepts and activities associated with the paranormal can go to absurd and clearly impossible lengths – one such is the idea of psychic surgery which is now constitutes medical fraud in many countries.

What is psychic surgery?

Foretelling the future and making contact with the dead are activities which are generally acknowledged to be beyond the pale of human ability. And yet some individuals appear to be able to do these very things which is why they are hailed as psychics. However more often than not, such successes are the result of astute observation techniques, one of which is cold reading.

About cold reading

There are many times when one wishes for the ability to look beyond the here and now, whether into the future or delve into the distant past. Since this is an unlikely feat for most humans, psychics who claim to be able to do this are in great demand. And more often not the fraudulent ones among them use a series of devices of psychological manipulation to impress clients. One such method employed by psychics is confirmation bias and here is how they use it to defraud clients.

What is confirmation bias in the first place?

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