Getting a Psychic Reading on the Phone


Going for a psychic reading has lost much of the stigma that was attached to it in the past. While some major still look upon psychics as charlatans or even agents of the Devil, the dawning of the New Age movement ushered in more open-mindedness about the subject. In fact now it is no longer even compulsory to be physically present for a psychic reading which can be easily done over the phone. However for a successful experience, here are a few things to keep in mind when getting a psychic reading on the phone.

The pros

Before you decide to go ahead with a psychic reading over the phone, it may be a good thing to consider the pros and cons of the prospect. Psychic reading depending upon the physical presence of the subject, falls into two types – the distant reading and face-to-face reading. The former includes psychic readings where the subject is not present physically – he/she may be at the other end of a telephone line or he/she may have written to the psychic and later on the psychic recorded the reading on a tape or CD which was then sent to the client. The other kind of psychic reading takes place in the physical presence of the client and is known as the face-to-face reading.

Psychic reading on the phone is a kind of distant reading and is preferred by many experienced psychics over the face-to-face kind. Competent psychics do not require a client to be physically present at a session in order to get a successful reading. Indeed some even prefer not to, so that they can focus on their job as a translator of messages from the non-physical world. From the perspective of the client, psychic readings offer the very practical advantage of confidentiality since his/her identity need not be fully revealed. Yet another advantage of distant reading, as by phone, is that such readings diminish the personality factor and because of this, they tend to be more concentrated on the subject’s life path instead of personality issues relating to the ego.

The cons

However the main drawback of a psychic reading over the phone, as in other forms of distant reading, is that the client does not get to experience first-hand the positive emotions of peace and warmth that characterizes a successful psychic reading. The flowing of positive emotions as a result over the bonding of the psychic and client is often referred to as the ‘afterglow’ effect and even though this may have little to do with the validity of predictions made or advice given by the psychic, it is a powerful uplifting feeling for the client which he/she may miss out on distant reading sessions, as for instance by phone.


How to choose one

Once you have considered the pros and cons of a psychic reading by phone, you are well placed to decide if this form of reading is for you and suits your needs. Once you decide to go if for a phone reading, the next step is to choose a psychic correctly. The process for this would be quite similar to choosing a psychic in any other circumstances like for face-to-face readings too. You can find out about psychics whose services are advertised in usual media or you can take recourse to the referral system. In general, the latter is often more reliable and their readings more likely to be authentic because in this case as long as the quality of readings are good, the psychic attracts clients and once their level of competence dips, the effect will immediately be felt on their business. Even then before booking a session with a psychic referred by a friend or family member, always question the referee closely on the psychic, the relevance of predictions made and especially the quality of the content of the reading rather than the emotional effects. No matter how you find a psychic, whether by channels of visual advertising or referral system, make it a point to speak to the psychic yourself before booking a session. You can use the chat to ask pertinent questions about the reading like what type of reading you are looking for – predictive, advisory or proof of survival, whether you can ask questions during the session, how long will it take, what methods are going to be used and what is the success rate of the psychic’s prediction. For the purpose of assessing the psychic, make it a point to ask for something that the he/she can tell you over the phone as proof that that the practitioner know his/her job.

Prepare for the session

Plan your reading for when you aren't in a rush or stressed. Choose a place and time when you won't be disturbed. The calmer and more focused you are, the better your session will be. So before you make the call, turn off  the computer, your cell phone, blackberry, loud music or anything else that may distract you. Also try and spend a few minutes concentrating on your questions so that you are clear on what you want to ask. This not only helps you be more focused on what you are trying to learn but makes it easier for the psychic to work with you.

When you do call the psychic, give the reader a few minutes to tune into your energy. Do not deliberately try to trick or test their abilities by holding a negative attitude or refusing to answer basic questions like your name, sign or birthday. Give the psychic a little background about the situation you are calling about since all readers need some information to start working with. If you aren't open-minded and don't give her a chance, you're wasting your money. During the session, take notes so that you can go back and review all that you learned about your situation. These will help you to decide whether to come back to the same psychic in case you wish another reading. Alternately record the reading and the simplest way to do this is to use the recording device on an answering machine.

What about psychic hotlines

Yet another form of psychic reading over the phone can be availed through psychic hotlines. Unlike a personalized phone reading session where there is just one psychic and you request his/her services for a reading, psychic hotlines are agencies which offer readings on the phone. Though as any other form of distant reading, these can be effective, the drawback is that through hotlines, you cannot always choose the psychic you want. Even more common is the problem that the psychic may not wish to give you the time that you need. Usually psychic hotlines charge by the minute so you may be in some hurry in order to save money. This feeling of being rushed can have an adverse effect on the quality of the reading. Ultimately though the success of a reading depends both on the competence of the psychic as well as your own ability to decide what to do with the information received.