Using Psychic Reading and Intuition


Psychic ability and intuition are important concepts in New Age philosophies which explore means of acquiring knowledge other than from the physical and rational world. Though the terms mean different things, they can actually reinforce and support each other when one is trying to get a deeper insight into life.

What the terms mean

Even though the terms, ‘psychic ability’ and ‘intuition’, are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually mean different things and have different functions. A psychic is someone who can communicate with non-physical phenomena. There are different types of psychics – some of them may use their psychic vision, hearing or other sense to receive messages from the world beyond while others may depend upon processes like precognition or trance or sometimes props like Tarot cards or a part of the subject’s body like the palm of your hand in order to get in touch with the psychic world. A psychic reading is the communicative result of such psychic activity. During a reading, the psychic functions as a translator or interpreter communicating with the non-physical world and putting it into words for the client to understand.

Intuition on the other hand is an inborn ability that everyone possesses. It is more often described as a gut-feeling, a strong hunch or the ability to understand something immediately without the need for logical thinking or rationalizing. While everyone is equipped with a capacity for intuition, not everybody is psychic. It is only with practice and commitment that an intuitive sense can be honed into psychic ability.


How intuition is important

Intuition is an essential quality for all psychics – this form of knowing is crucial to psychic development. It can be viewed as the bridge to unlimited opportunity and the power that resides in the soul. It is well nigh impossible for a person to communicate with the non-physical world if he/she cannot delve into this intuitive power. In fact psychic ability is an extension and a fine-tuned version of this basic quality of intuition which a practitioner hones to perfection by knowledge and practice.

Even if you are not a practicing psychic, intuition is an important trait. If you wish to interpret information obtained during your psychic reading, it is absolutely essential to learning how to use your intuition. Starting from the process of selecting the right psychic to the framing of your questions, and then deciding what to do with the information you have received, you need to bring your intuitive side to play.

How to develop your intuition

To use your intuition effectively you must know yourself and you can only do this when you view the created world honestly. When people use their intuition, they act with integrity with an attitude of love – this can in fact unsettle traditional beliefs since it runs contrary to political aspiration to control others. Along with truthfulness, yet another important quality to nurture is confidence in your intuitive self. The more assured you are about this inherent power, the easier it will be for you to rise above the negative and suspicious attitudes of the non-believers and let your intuitive self express itself fully.

For your intuition to develop, it is also important to create order in different aspects your life – emotional, physical and intellectual. Chaos and confusion are forces which can disrupt the free flowing of the intuition. It is also crucial that you learn to differentiate between your ego desire and soul purpose if you wish your intuitive self to flower. When you allow personal hopes and egoistic desires to cloud your mind, your power of intuitive understanding is likely to be weakened and the intuitive message will become distorted.

How a psychic reading can help the intuitive self

Just like intuition is an indispensable tool for psychic interpretation, the process of psychic reading in turn can further the development of the intuitive self. The very act of requesting for a psychic reading implies that a subject has consented to accept guidance from the spirit world. The consent process can be symbolically imagined as clients opening the door of their soul to release the flow of universal wisdom. Once this happens, the information does not stop flowing even after a reading is over. The door opened by the subject’s intent remains ajar for additional information which is received as intuition. Every person has an inborn capacity for  intuition but by going through psychic readings, a person’s intuitive self is fine-tuned and he/she is better able to communicate in a soulful manner. In this way psychic readings act to enhance and prompt the intuitive self. Even listening to a tape recording of a psychic reading can induce a sense of peace and calm in the subject’s mind which sets the stage for intuitive advice to flow.