How to get over a break-up


31. Empathize

Misery loves company. Provide a listening ear for someone who's still having a tough time dealing with a break-up and share some of your wisdom and expertise. Tell them how you're coping with your own break-up crisis and provide some valuable break-up survival tips. Helping someone in the same situation can be a boost to your self-esteem.

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32. Get a four-legged friend

Scientists agree that a pet is the best cure for those feeling low. The love of an animal is unconditional and non-judgmental, unlike human love. A dog for instance, who greets his master with frenzied yapping and tail wagging makes his owner feel that he is the center of his universe. However, you must have an intrinsic love for animals and the ability to care for them, otherwise after you've bounced back, the pet may have nowhere to go. 33. Renew friendships

Get in touch with an old friend you haven't spoken to in a long time or maybe those you lost contact with because you were so preoccupied with your relationship.

34. Sign up for a course

Keeping the mind productively engaged is a good thing so that it doesn't have the time to stray to things you'd rather not think about (like your ex, for instance!). Enroll yourself in something interesting that you always wanted to pursue but never made a priority before.

35. Immerse yourself in work

And for the workaholics, work is the best panacea. Put in extra effort at work and strive to adhere to deadlines. It helps to have concrete and imminently achievable goals.


Now that you've successfully navigated the uphill path of recovery and reached this stage, it's all downhill from here. Keep it pleasurable and indulge yourself!

36. Buy yourself flowers

If you love flowers, why not treat yourself to a large bouquet of the reddest roses?

37. Buy a big-ticket item

It's time to spoil yourself and get something you might have denied yourself till now like that expensive cell phone you always wanted.

38. Gorge

If you're a junk food addict, indulge in some! However, a word of caution! Coping with a break-up can get you so down that you may go berserk eating. Don't! It can take months to shed the weight gain!

39. Indulge your cravings

Buy a large box of chocolates for yourself or even your favorite dessert. Chocolates, especially the dark kind, release endorphins similar to those the body produces when we're in love. 40. Throw a party

When you're over wanting to be by yourself and have got over the initial setback, throw a party and invite all your friends, including the single ones who you know are especially into you. Expand your social network and actively seek new friends.