Signs He Wants a Relationship

There are all kinds of reasons why a man may want to go out with you – because he finds you attractive enough for a casual date, because he is keen to know you better or simply because he has nothing better to do on a Saturday night. One of the most disconcerting situations for a woman is when she is kept guessing as to the real intentions of her partner. So here are some common signs in a date to tell you that he wants a relationship.

He picks up details

One of the most common complaints against guys who are way too casual about their girlfriends is that they never remember anything – the truth is that they don’t want to remember things like the time a girlfriend went out with her pals and discovered she had forgotten her credit card back home or when she went shopping for her favorite perfume but found the store closed. While a guy who is merely a casual date couldn’t care less about these anecdotes, a guy who wants a relationship will quickly pick up such nuggets of information and what’s more act upon them promptly. So he will hunt for that perfume and give it as a just-because present to you or remember to call your mom on her birthday even you have mentioned the date almost a month back.

He wants to know more about you

Though this is usually a mark of interest in the early stages of a relationship, it will still be applicable for a guy who is looking forward to a relationship with you. Even though he knows all about your favorite music and your preferred cuisine, he still wishes to know what bands you loved during your teens and where would you like to go for your next vacation. This eagerness to find out the person you are, some of your past and your dreams and hopes for the future are important clues that this guy is looking for something far more serious than casual dating.

He tries to spend more time with you

One of the most important signs of an abiding interest is how much time a guy is willing to give to you. If he is serious about you, he will try to spend most of his leisure time with you, if not romancing or making love, at least doing things that you both enjoy. This is not to mean that a guy should give up his job or interests and always be mooing about you, but that spending time with you will come pretty high in his priorities if he is looking at a relationship with you.

He is emotionally available

One of the surest signs that a guy is ready for a relationship is that he is there when you need him and not just to change the tires of your car but in a deeper and more emotional way – for instance to listen to you when you have to let out steam about a conniving coworker or to stay the night when you are unwell. Man or woman, every individual needs some kind of emotional bonding with a close partner – it is after all what makes us human. But if you find that you cannot get a word of support from your guy on a rough day or some sign of empathy when you are upset, it is certain that you have no use for him unless as someone to shack up in bed with.

His friends know about you

A guy who is interested in a relationship with you is more likely to talk about you to people he is close to, including friends and family. To his friends he would not merely talk about how hot a date you are, but also about you as a person and individual. In fact as time goes on, he will not only want to tell his family about you, but will go on to introduce you to them and invite you to a dinner or Sunday brunch maybe with them  – all surefire signs that he wishes to share a larger part of his life with you.

He reaches out to your folks too

While dating casually most guys don’t wish to be involved with family dynamics on their girlfriend’s side – one’s own families are hard enough to deal with without getting entangled in other’s. On the other hand if a guy is serious about being with you, he will be willing to accompany you to big family events, not only birthday parties and get-togethers but also perhaps on more momentous occasions like Thanksgiving holiday and wedding receptions. He will be eager to know your parents, siblings and other people you are close to and what’s more he will try and bond with them too.

He shows his love

A guy who is only interested in sex will not bother about showing his love in non-sexual but physical ways like holding hands while walking and hugging. To him any physical contact will be a precursor to sex and most likely that is the limit of his interest in a woman. On the other hand a man serious about you will touch and kiss you in a non-sexual way as well as he knows that this kind of intimacy is important for a woman to feel loved and cherished in a relationship.

He makes plans with you

When talking about his future, does your guy merely discuss his goals of starting his own business someday and are his dreams limited to retiring by the sea with his very own beach house and luxury boat? If so or something similar, then this is an indication that you are not part of his future plans and thus unlikely to remain together for long. On the other hand if he talks about his dreams and goals with you and more importantly you figure in them it could be a definite sign that he is serious about you. This need not be extend as far as planning a wedding and deciding where to retire but even short and middle term plans like where to go for your next vacation as a couple or spending the Christmas holidays together could be signs that he is willing to make you part of his life. Above all if he is open to adjusting his plans and goals to fit your priorities, it sure means that he is looking at a long term relationship with you.