Relationship issues - Does your woman respect you?

A healthy relationship is not just about acquiring your woman’s love and affection. A relationship can sustain all the ups and downs in life if there is an equal amount of love, sharing and respect for each other. The most basic rule or necessity of a relationship is mutual tolerance and respect. When you live with someone or have been dating your woman for a long time, she should be tuned in to your needs and moods and understand the way in which you function.

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This realization can happen if your woman is in total acceptance of the ‘real you’ and respects you for it. If your woman does not respect you for what you really are as a person, then she is doubting your capability or decision-making power. A healthy relationship is characterized by respect. The following instances may help you realize if your woman really respects you or not.

Respect is all about listening to each other, valuing their opinion and listening in an unbiased or non-judgmental manner. If your woman is the kind who does most of the talking without waiting to hear your opinion or views, it shows that she doesn’t care for or regard your opinion in taking a decision.

If your woman is unsure or there is always a lingering sense of bias in her whenever you take a decision or voice your opinion, it's her way of communicating that she has little regard for your thoughts or emotions.

If your woman does not respect you, then there is no scope for sharing or trusting each other. Supporting each other’s goals in life and respecting your feelings and views is necessary. Demeaning or speaking in a derogatory manner about your activities or interests, is a warning that your woman has no respect for you. Being cordial with your friends and respecting you for choosing the right kind of people to socialize with, forms a part of valuing and respecting you as an individual.

Does your woman keep nagging you for every trivial mistake you make? Does she degrade you in front of her parents or when you are with your friends? Such acts not only speak of her disrespect for you, but it can also hamper your own self esteem .

Cheating your husband or lover by dating another man, is also a way of telling your man that you do not respect this relationship.

Your job or career means as much to you as your woman’s career does to her. You work just as hard as your woman, to reach a good position in your field of work.
When your woman belittles your work, she is essentially saying that she has no respect for you. How can you expect an understanding from her in that case?

Here is an instance from the life of a couple who appeared seemingly happy to the outside world, to throw some light on this topic. Shawn and Nina had been married for over a year. Shawn recalls a particular experience which he rates as the worst amongst many other such instances in his life". I met Nina’s cousins for the first time when we were holidaying in Sydney. After exchanging a few pleasantries, we sat down for a dinner at a restaurant. When her cousins enquired about my profession, Nina hesitantly replied that I was a male nurse. Her cousins guffawed and said, "A male nurse is such a rare and queer profession for a man to choose". Their comments made me feel that I was almost brainless and unfit for other jobs, hence I chose this profession. To my utter disbelief, my wife Nina laughed along with her cousins instead of offering a rejoinder or justification. That moment, I realized that she actually belittled my job, which was, in a way showing disrespect to me and my profession.

Learn to respect your spouse for what he really is. Talking and acting in a way that may exhibit your disrespect to your man may not only hurt his ego but may also jeopardize your relations with him.