Commitment and monogamy

The lack of balance between work and a relationship very often leads to partners drifting away from each other. While the work-obsessed partner is unable to understand the importance of nurturing a relationship, the other partner has to repeatedly struggle with feelings of disappointment and anger at broken promises, cancelled dates and a feeling that they are not important as their partner’s work. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few ways to reclaim your workaholic partner.

When two people marry, they are usually do it with the expectation that the heady days of love will last forever. But over time when the partners get accustomed to each other, they get comfortable in the relationship and settle down in a routine. Then one day this routine and the daily responsibilities of a shared life are too much to bear. One or both partners find out that the spark has gone from their relationship and the marriage is boring. If something similar is happening to you, here are a few steps you can consider to liven things up a little.

Do you remember the last time you did something to make your wife feel special? When you married the woman of your dreams, you not only gained a friend and a lover for life, but a confidante, a helpmate and a caregiver. She is someone you know will steady you when you are faltering and will go all out to cheer you up, when you are feeling low. She is the mother of your kids.

Few experiences in life are as traumatic as a divorce. It is not only the breaking down of the relationship between a couple, but signals the falling apart of an entire family. So if you find that your marriage is rapidly going downhill and a divorce seems just a signature away, take matters into your hands. Be prepared for some tough measures and a lot of patience, but set about with a positive attitude towards finding a solution.

India’s population is projected to overtake China – currently the most populous country in the world – by 2030 and while the Indian government spends billions of dollars every year on family planning campaigns, the message appears to reach few in the rural corners of the country. This was amply demonstrated by a media report1 of a woman who became a mother for the sixteenth time in her seventeen years of married life.

A good night’s sleep is crucial for both the body and the mind to rest and recharge. However disturbances caused during the night for example by a partner’s snoring can prevent you from getting that much-needed respite. However here are a few things you can do if your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake.

All couples who have been together for any reasonable length of time have fights. While it is a good idea to let off some steam now and then, arguments also have the potential to escalate into breaking points. So if you have come dangerously close to that, here are a few ways to step back before arguments get out of hand and ruin a relationship.

It is way easier to control a man in love, than a man in lust. After the first few years of marriage, women often find it difficult to keep their men interested in them, as lust wanes away after sometime, and men are inherently wired to lose interest, once they are satisfied.

Intimacy between lovers, no matter how powerful and passionate, has a tendency to fade over time. When having sex with your husband starts to feel boring and more like a chore than a reward, some kind of action must be taken. Over time a dissatisfying sexual relationship can have numerous adverse affects on a marriage.

Those were the days, when your husband had eyes only for you. It made you feel very special and truly loved. But now you find that he makes no bones about the fact that he’s checking out other women. And if there’s one thing a woman finds most annoying, it is that her man feels compelled to survey the scenery in the room, and we’re obviously not talking about décor here.


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