How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back from her New Boyfriend

Nearly every guy in the world has been in the position of feeling jealous of an ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. This can be a particularly hard scenario if you still have strong feelings for your ex. Perhaps she broke it off with you and you never wanted to end the relationship in the first place, or maybe you ended it, but life without her has you pondering the decision. In any case, seeing someone who you had a deep and intimate connection with sharing what may be a similarly deep and intimate connection with someone else can be difficult. Want to steal your ex away from her new boyfriend?

Get back with your ex with this step-by-step guide.

What you don't want to do is call your ex and bombard her with reasons why her new boyfriend is terrible for her, or why you're better than he is in every way. All this will accomplish is making you seem jealous and desperate, and even if you were the initiator of the break up, this will put the power back in her hands; power she will likely use to cut you off. If you feel as though you treated your ex very well, then it may be that she already has it planted in her head that you were overeager. Don't give this notion any more fuel after the break up. During the beginning stages of your ex's new relationship, don't call your ex at all. When basking the blissful beginnings of their fresh new boyfriend (whether the bliss is purely fabricated, as in a rebound relationship, or not) it's hard to break through to girls. Give her a second to get over the ephemeral thrill of her new relationship and realize how superior you are to her boyfriend on her own. Girls respond bizarrely well to being ignored.

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Meanwhile you should work on yourself. Take up an exercise routine to get yourself in ideal shape. You'd be amazed how far a little cardio will go towards helping out your overall mindset. Get a cool new haircut. Buy yourself some nice clothes. Not only will this have you feeling better about yourself as a whole, but next time your ex sees you you'll look better than you did when the two of you were dating. It will give off the impression that you've moved on and that life without her has done nothing but enhance your persona.

Another thing to do while you wait out the initial stages of your ex's new boyfriend is get yourself a new girlfriend. This may seem like immature gamesmanship, but it will definitely pique the interest of your ex. What is infinitely important here is that your new girlfriend is every bit as attractive or more attractive than your ex girlfriend. Let your new girl know up front that you're not looking to be serious; maybe even avoiding the boyfriend/girlfriend labels, as you're not out to break any hearts here. Make it a girl that your ex doesn't know. Nothing will intrigue your ex more than the new found mysteriousness of her former lover. A simple fix here would be an internet dating site or better yet (so as to avoid blatantly using or hurting anyone) a social networking site such as Myspace. Just find a few hot girls in your area and message them with some charming line and then ask them if they'd like to hang out. Girls willing to date in this manner are generally not looking for anything too serious and your ex will certainly have never met them. Again, the all important factor here is that your new girlfriend is as sexy as your ex; if she's not then this won't accomplish anything but making your ex think that she was out of your league anyway.

If you see your ex-girlfriend randomly (create a situation through mutual friends if you'd like, or just wind up where you know she'll be) be polite, but show a level of indifference towards her. Make any friendly banter (“What have you been up to lately?” etc.) short-lived and move on to doing whatever it is that you were “really” there to do in the first place. While hiding your feelings may seem a bit misleading or dishonest, the goal here is to bring out the feelings your ex still has for you. After all, if she has no more feelings for you, then pouring your heart out at first contact will only lead to continued heartbreak as you have to bear her response. If she does still have feelings for you, then you can't afford to sabotage that by by making yourself too available. Either way, being somewhat cold (within reason, don't be mean) and standoffish is your best bet when it comes to making your ex think positively of you. It seems odd, but it's just reality. Baring your soul to a girl who has already seen your soul and moved on is counterproductive.

Time is a crucial factor when it comes to reigniting a failed relationship. Time must pass both to heal the wounds and to strengthen the memories, which likely at some point were taken for granted, of why the relationship worked in the first place. Just play it cool and eventually your ex will want to talk to you. Things fall into place from there; making her want you again is the goal. The most common mistake made by ex boyfriends is going out of their way to pursue their former love. This rarely works.

Winning your ex-girlfriend back from her new boyfriend is always a possibility. Generally speaking, you will have certain advantages in regards to depth of intimacy and a history of closeness that will give you an upper hand over the new guy. That said, sometimes broken hearts cannot be repaired, and  former loves move on to new places faster than we'd like. Never let an ex-girlfriend's new relationship affect your inner self.