Women Who Have an Affair and Cheat on their Men - Reasons for Extramarital Affairs

As infidelity continues to be the number one cause behind breakups, men are finding to their surprise that they can no longer take the faithfulness of their wives and girlfriends for granted. Even though the percentage of men cheating on their spouses is still greater than women, the latter seem to be fast catching up. So if you are concerned about your partner’s loyalty, read up on the top ten reasons why women cheat.

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  1. Your own affair

    A partner’s betrayal is usually the most common reason why women stray into an affair. She is unable to accept her partner broke her heart as well as her trust and feels that the only thing that can possibly make her feel better is cheating on the cheat. This kind of rebound relationship is unlikely to mean anything in the long run but she figures that it will at least make her feel better for the time being. So if you have been unfaithful to your partner and suspect that now she may be paying you back in your own coin, the only thing left to do is to seek her forgiveness and promise that you will never ever slip again.
  2. Need to feel appreciated

    In committed relationships like marriage, it is the woman who usually ends up giving much more than the man. Besides holding a job, she is also responsible for running the house, the social life of the family, looking after kids and who knows maybe even the family pet. Multi-tasking twenty four hours a day and seven times a week may leave her feeling taken for granted by everyone else and especially by her partner. Such a predicament is ideal for drawing a wife or girlfriend into an affair in the hope that it will once again make her feel appreciated and desired as a woman.
  3. Lack of emotional support

    You may be a good father and provider but if that is all that you are, watch out. Emotional support from a partner is a huge thing for a woman and if a relationship does not make her feel emotionally connected to her partner, she may look for it elsewhere. So the next time you feel like plopping yourself in front of the telly with a beer or leaving for the golf course after work, make an effort to ask your partner about her day. Hold her hand and tell her that she is the most important person in the world for you. You may not see the need to share your feelings with the person who knows all about you anyway but remember for her it’s the best way to connect to you.
  4. Lack of sex

    Sexual attraction has always been considered the number one reason why husbands cheat. But it can be an equally strong motivation for women to have an affair. In fact increasing economic independence and the legacy of the sexual revolution has freed women from the social and financial consequences of discovery of an affair and thus made it easier for women to find outside what they are not getting enough at home. So at the end of the day, all you can think of is hitting the pillow, spare a though for your partner’s needs as well as your relationship.
  5. Desire to break rules

    For many women the monotony of being a good wife and mother can get too much to bear and the only way to bring some excitement into her life may be through an affair. Cheating on her man may make her feel like the proverbial ‘bad girl’ or someone who has finally had the courage to reveal a friskier side to her more usual staid personality. To make sure that your partner feels no such urge, try to have a wild time with her every now and them. Take her out to a nightclub known for its risqué shows or if she seems too squeamish for that, treat her to a private strip show with you as the star performer.
  6. The urge to boost her ego

    An affair outside a relationship can sometimes act as a powerful pick me up for the female ego as much as the male. If a woman is going through a particularly trying time in her life such as a job change, a major weight gain or mid-life crisis, she may feel the need to have another guy in her life to make her feel assured that she is still young and desirable. The best way to prevent this from happening to your partner is to keep the channels of communication with her. Let her know that she can talk to you anytime and about anything instead of spilling her guts out to a stranger in the bar.
  7. Absence of physical intimacy

    Even if you have been having sex regularly don’t assume that everything’s alright. Women crave acts of physical intimacy with their partners like hugging, kissing, cuddling or just plain ol’ hand holding. These acts make her feel connected to her partner on a deeper level and eventually makes sex meaningful for her. On the other hand if you just remember your partner only on occasions when you want to have a nightcap, chances that she will be dissatisfied with her sex life and take her interest elsewhere.
  8. As a way of exacting revenge

    It is not always an affair on the part of a man that may make his wife or girlfriend livid with anger. Say you have blown up the holiday bonus in a casino or willingly taken on overtime for a week when there was no need to.  Your partner may feel deeply hurt and rejected at this and decide that the only way to get back at you is through an affair.
  9. An exit strategy

    Sometimes if a woman knows that a relationship isn’t working anymore, she may find it easier to have an affair rather than break up on her own. An affair may make her feel less terrible about leaving the relationship rather than walking out just like that, particularly if her partner has been overall a nice guy.
  10. Substance abuse

    Women who regularly engage in substance abuse may be drawn to affairs either as a consequence of or in order to facilitate their addiction. If a woman is an alcoholic or a drug addict, she may weave in and out of affairs with suppliers or other people who are addicts themselves. In such cases, the only way out is through professional help like detoxification programs and therapy.

Most often the reasons why women cheat have to do with their emotional rather than sexual needs. Sometimes it can be sheer boredom that causes a woman to cheat. But whatever the motive, healing is always possible and as a partner you are best placed to provide that and prevent any cause for her to stray.