Affairs and infidelity

It takes two to tango, goes a popular saying and likewise to have a healthy relationship. However sometimes it is not about a joint effort at all – it may just happen that one of the partners has personality issues which makes him/her simply incapable of being faithful. Here are five personality problems you need to watch out for before looking for a committed relationship.$INFIDELITY-OPTIN2$

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Finding out that your husband cheated on you is bad enough – but somehow the pain seems to be keener upon discovering that the affair was with a man – in other words, a homosexual affair. Such a discovery is likely to give rise to a jumble of confused thoughts and feelings raging inside you. Here are a few things you can consider, when you find that your husband has a homosexual affair.

Among the most difficult relationships is one where the male partner is a habitual philanderer, in other words, a womanizer. Such a man repeatedly gets involved with other women, emotionally and sexually, while still in a primary relationship.

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Dating sites over the internet has added a whole new dimension to personal relationships. While on one hand they have enlarged the dating pool and made it easier to search for partners based on certain preferences , the anonymity afforded the Internet has also led to cases of cheating and online affairs. Thus it is no longer unusual to discover that a partner is conducting an online relationship or at least looking for one, though the growing trend may do nothing to diminish your hurt on discovering that the same thing has happened to you.

Reasons for an extra marital affair may be as varied as the kind of partners indulging in it. While a sexual and emotional disconnect are the most common reasons for straying in a marriage, an equally valid reason could be lack of intellectual compatibility between the spouses.

If there is one hurdle most partners dread crossing in a marriage or relationship, it must be the suspicion, or even worse, the discovery, that your partner is unfaithful. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, you owe it to yourself and the relationship to find out, and confirm it as a fact. You will need to investigate the infidelity and if necessary, come up with proof before deciding your next move.

With technology ruling our world, it is little wonder that it would enter into areas we never dreamed possible. Ten years ago, would you have ever thought it possible to pursue a relationship with someone, or even fall in love, sight unseen? But that is exactly what is happening to many - over the Internet. And while there is nothing wrong with Internet dating, it takes on a whole new meaning when it comes in the way of an existing relationship.

Every marriage goes through its own cycle of ups and downs. While most of these small hiccups are usually easy to sort out once the partners get down to it, infidelity gives rise to much graver issues. Trust is the foundation of a marriage, and when an unfaithful partner strikes a blow at the underlying base, the whole structure of marriage is in danger of collapse.

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When your partner two-times you, it is one of the most painful experiences that you suffer. When one partner is unfaithful it leaves the other shattered and wondering what to do next - whether to end the relationship acrimoniously or salvage it or part as friends.

We've often heard of relationships ending or marriages breaking up over infidelity. There are many mistakes that can be, and are, forgiven in a relationship, but cheating is one of those almost unforgivable ones.


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