Affairs and infidelity

With technology ruling our world, it is little wonder that it would enter into areas we never dreamed possible. Ten years ago, would you have ever thought it possible to pursue a relationship with someone, or even fall in love, sight unseen? But that is exactly what is happening to many - over the Internet. And while there is nothing wrong with Internet dating, it takes on a whole new meaning when it comes in the way of an existing relationship.

Every marriage goes through its own cycle of ups and downs. While most of these small hiccups are usually easy to sort out once the partners get down to it, infidelity gives rise to much graver issues. Trust is the foundation of a marriage, and when an unfaithful partner strikes a blow at the underlying base, the whole structure of marriage is in danger of collapse.

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When your partner two-times you, it is one of the most painful experiences that you suffer. When one partner is unfaithful it leaves the other shattered and wondering what to do next - whether to end the relationship acrimoniously or salvage it or part as friends.

We've often heard of relationships ending or marriages breaking up over infidelity. There are many mistakes that can be, and are, forgiven in a relationship, but cheating is one of those almost unforgivable ones.

When infidelity occurs, it is one of the most painful experiences a relationship will probably ever experience. When one partner is unfaithful, it can shatter a relationship and leave the other person wondering whether it is worth salvaging. Dealing with infidelity in a relationship requires tremendous resolve on the part of the betrayed party. How do you let go of the past? How do you justify or understand why your spouse felt the need to cheat on you? Knowing where to start is often the most difficult thing.

Living in a fishbowl hardly makes for a successful marriage. Add to this the ever-present forces of temptation, egoism and the insecurity that comes with the life of a celebrity and it is easy to give in to infidelity. Here are ten instances when cheating celebrities resulted in gossip, scandals and delightful media bytes.

You always wanted the best for your BFF and so you were naturally thrilled when she announced that she was getting engaged. Unfortunately your thoughts were far from as charitable as you watched her dishy fiancé do and say all the right things at the engagement party. In the end you were left asking the same question that has haunts so many single women across the world – why, oh why, all the taken guys seem so much more attractive than the ones who are available.

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Married men having mistresses is one of the most significant markers – some would say, consequences – of the patriarchal underpinnings of human society. And thus it spans vast stretches of time as well as space – the tradition of kept women has carried on over millennia and is to be found in almost every corner of the world. The idea of a websites that make affairs possible may be new but the concept of Mistresses is very old.

Extramarital affairs are nothing new in human society. Ever since the institution of marriage was born, affairs on the side have continued as well. However the degree to which extramarital affairs appears to have become in contemporary society throws up some interesting questions. Are people actually cheating on their partners more than before or have they only become more open about it? In such a scenario, extra marital statistics offer the only way to come up with answers based on hard facts rather than perceptions.

To err is human…as the saying goes. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling terrible about making a mistake, especially if it is as serious as cheating on your partner. however sometimes feeling guilty can drain you of all the energy and focus which would be far better spent on reforming the situation and in this case, saving your marriage. So here are a few things you can doif you have cheated on your partner and are feeling guilty.


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