Aphrodisiacs for Men

Aphrodisiacs work in several ways to enhance a sexual experience. It can work to stimulate sexual desire by acting directly on the senses or sex organs so that sexual arousal takes place and the person's libido gets a boost. Alternatively aphrodisiacs work to enhance a sexual experience by bringing about psychological well being and alleviating any stress or anxiety which may otherwise hinder pleasure in sex. St John's Wort is one such substance which works as an aphrodisiac by alleviating mood disorders and creating a relaxed state of being.

Aphrodisiacs are substances which are believed to enhance a sexual experience. However not all love potions work by directly stimulating sexual desire. Some may work by removing inhibitions and alleviating anxiety, thus creating a mood more conductive to the experience of love. One such substance is Valerian which has long been used by men to lower sexual inhibition and induce relaxation – conditions which are crucial to the enjoyment of sex.

About Valerian

Since the beginnings of human civilization, mankind has invested considerable time and research into ways of improving their sex life. Over time certain substances like foods and herbs acquired the reputation of heightening sexual desire and even bettering sexual performance when used by men and women. These came to be known as Aphrodisiacs. One such plant which has been long supposed to have aphrodisiacal properties is wild oats, especially when used by men.

About Wild Oats

Over the ages, ways and means of improving one’s sex life have exercised great influence on mankind. The concern with aphrodisiacs in various cultures and times is proof of this obsession. Aphrodisiacs are reputed to raise libido primarily in two ways – either by evoking psychological and phallic associations with regard to shape, odor and color or by enriching the body with nutrients and hormones which are necessary for a healthy sex life.

Ever since ancient times, mankind has believed that certain foods may help stimulate sexual desire both among men and women. Known as aphrodisiacs such foods may heighten sexual arousal either by suggestive shapes and scents or by helping to optimize the action of sex hormones and organs in the body. Celery is one food which is thought to do both and thus act as a libido booster, especially for men.

About celery

Aphrodisiacs have over centuries held great fascination for mankind for its purported ability in stimulating sexual desire. Even though there are some substances which may actually heighten the effect of sex hormones in the body, most generally work in a more mundane fashion – by helping the body to heal from disorders which may be interfering with sexual pleasure or by creating the right mood for love. Chamomile is one such plant which has a long history of medicinal and aphrodisiacal uses.

About Chamomile

The very mention of aphrodisiac conjures up images of exotic substances which have the power to send a person into raptures of sexual ecstasy. Plant roots, fruits, animal parts, marine creatures – a mindboggling range of products are often claimed to have the impact of heightening sexual pleasure. And yet if one wades in through the hype into the real subject, it will be found that more than directly stimulating desire, most aphrodisiacs work by alleviating medical disorders or supplying much needed nutrients which are imperative for healthy sexual experience.

The modest dandelion is most often considered an annoying weed in gardens and farmer’s fields. However this golden yellow flower is actually a herbal remedy of a wide variety of ailments and has been considered a panacea since ancient times.

There are primarily two ways by which substances reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities work to enhance a sexual experience. One is by treating medical disorders like infections of genitor-urinary tract which may have been interfering with normal sexual function and providing much-needed nutrients which pep up the various physiological including sexual functions of the body. The other is by acting directly to increase sexual desire and even the intensity of sensations felt during the sexual experience.

Most people assume that sex comes naturally. But the fact that all major cultures of the world have down the ages evolved various kinds of aphrodisiacs is proof that mankind invests great amount of thought in the art of love. Use of herbs, spices, fruits and even animal parts are believed to contribute to greater pleasure in sex either by directly stimulating desire or nourishing the body over time to make it healthy and ready for love. Fenugreek is a herb of the latter kind which has long been considered a plant with healing and aphrodisiacal properties.


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