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Every culture in every part of the world believes that certain substances can directly or indirectly work to heighten sexual desire. Such substances are known as aphrodisiacs after ‘Aphrodite’, the Greek goddess of supreme beauty and sexual attractiveness. One such substance reputed to have aphrodisiacal properties is the herb called ‘ashwagandha’.

About Ashwagandha

Aphrodisiacs are substances which are supposed to stimulate sexual desire among humans. Such substances may range from foods and herbs to animal parts and even marine creatures. While popular notion of aphrodisiacs evoke a magical and heightened effect on sexual performance, more often than not, the substances work by alleviating certain medical disorders and supplying nutrients essential for a healthy sex life. Bilberry is one such fruit which has enjoyed a long reputation of being an aphrodisiac because of its medicinal properties.

Known as the Healing Vine of Peru, Cat’s claw has been long believed by the native cultures of South America to have a range of healing as well as aphrodisiacal properties. It is only recently that the herb has caught the attention of the modern scientific community and has become the subject of many studies into the way it works to strengthen the body for love and general well-being.

Throughout history, men have invested considerable time and effort in discovering what makes sex more pleasurable or at least more attainable. Known as aphrodisiacs, a variety of substances ranging from foods to herbs and animal parts have been used to heighten sexual desire. One of these is the horny goat weed extract reputed to work wonders for enhancing sexual enjoyment among men.

The modest dandelion is most often considered an annoying weed in gardens and farmer’s fields. However this golden yellow flower is actually a herbal remedy of a wide variety of ailments and has been considered a panacea since ancient times.

There are primarily two ways by which substances reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities work to enhance a sexual experience. One is by treating medical disorders like infections of genitor-urinary tract which may have been interfering with normal sexual function and providing much-needed nutrients which pep up the various physiological including sexual functions of the body. The other is by acting directly to increase sexual desire and even the intensity of sensations felt during the sexual experience.

Most people assume that sex comes naturally. But the fact that all major cultures of the world have down the ages evolved various kinds of aphrodisiacs is proof that mankind invests great amount of thought in the art of love. Use of herbs, spices, fruits and even animal parts are believed to contribute to greater pleasure in sex either by directly stimulating desire or nourishing the body over time to make it healthy and ready for love. Fenugreek is a herb of the latter kind which has long been considered a plant with healing and aphrodisiacal properties.

Human cultures across time and space have invested considerable thought and experimentation on the subject of aphrodisiacs. Certain foods, herbs and even animal parts have come to acquire the reputation of being able to stimulate sexual desire when used in a special way. One of these is the herb ginkgo biloba which has long been considered one of the most potent aphrodisiacs for men.

About ginkgo biloba

Cultures across the world believe that some substances possess the capacity to stimulate sexual desire among humans. Usually foods and herbs but sometimes even animal parts, these substances may work by influencing the action of sex hormones in the body or treating physiological disorders which may have been hampering sexual pleasure. Gotu kola is one such herb which has a long history of aphrodisiacal and medicinal use in parts of South Asia.

What is Gotu kola

For centuries guarana has been regarded as one of the most potent herbs by many ancient cultures of  South America. Guarana came to the notice of the western world in the sixteenth century but it was already in use among native tribes long before that. Today scientists are finding more about the herb and its uses as a medicinal and aphrodisiacal plant.

About  guarana


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