Aphrodisiacs for Women

In the history of aphrodisiacs, a considerable space is occupied by fragrances which are believed to enhance sexual desire both among men and women. This may owe to the fact that the part of the human brain that is responsible for processing smells is directly connected to the limbic brain which is the part that influences emotions including those related to desire and sex. And since women possess a keener sense of smell as compared to men, they are more likely to being sexually aroused by certain fragrances.

Cultures across the world believe that certain substances have the power to heighten sexual desire or even improve sexual performance in humans. Known as aphrodisiacs, these substances may range from foods to herbs and animal parts. Quebracho is one such herb which has since ancient times been used in the South American continent as an aphrodisiac especially for women.


The very mention of aphrodisiacs conjures up mental images of magical herbs and roots which can turn around the most reluctant of lovers or induce earth-shattering orgasms. In reality however aphrodisiacs work in a more mundane manner – either by directly introducing certain chemicals in the body which optimize the functioning of sex organs or by alleviating certain disorders which helps the body to enjoy sex. Blue cohosh is one such herb which has a long history of aphrodisiacal properties, especially for women.

Aphrodisiacs are substances which are believed to enhance sexual desire and improve the quality of sexual experience. Most of them work by alleviating physiological or psychological disorders which may be interfering with sexual pleasure or by supplying the body with nutrients essential for sexual health. Squaw vine is one such herb which has long been used in traditional medicine for promoting reproductive health among women and in the process, boosting the female libido.

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Loss of libido in women can be attributed to various factors. They may lose interest in sex due to imbalance of hormones in the body or some physiological disorder which may be preventing the body from enjoying sex. Alternatively, mental stress and anxiety may create conditions unfavorable for sexual stimulation and pleasure. Aphrodisiacs like hops may help in such situations by addressing both the hormonal imbalance and mental disorders, thereby preparing the body as well as mind for better sex.

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Low sex drive among women may be caused by several conditions – mental as well as physical. It may be the result of acute or chronic gynecological ailments or lack of right nutrition which prevent the sex hormones and organs from functioning at their optimum level. Stress, depression or side effects of certain medication may also make women less interested in sex. Black cohosh has long been regarded as a miracle herb for women which works to make the body healthy and ready for sex in several ways.

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All over the world, there are various types of plant products which have been used as aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years. Some of these substances claim to directly affect the sex organs or hormones thereby stimulating desire, while others act to heal certain aspects of the sexual or reproductive system and thus promote overall sexual well-being. An example of the latter class of aphrodisiacs is chasteberry whose use is supposed to benefit women and the female reproductive system.

Various types of herbs through the ages have been used to enhance sexual pleasure among men and women. Some herbs are believed to act directly on the sexual hormones of the body, thereby heightening the libido. Most however owe their reputation as aphrodisiacs to medicinal properties which may help an individual to get rid of ailments and thus enjoy sex. One such herb is the parsley is which thought to be particularly useful for women.

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Everyone has heard of the old joke about women preferring chocolate to sex! Chocolate has long been considered an important way of inducing an amorous mood and in these times too, it figures as an essential part of courtship rituals and romantic gifts. Modern research has found that chocolate may not only have many health benefits but may indeed be able to stimulate sexual desire in men and women.

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Aphrodisiacs are based on the principle that what a person eats can have a direct impact on his or her sex life. Some foods are sexually stimulating because they affect brain chemistry while others can directly increase blood flow to sex organs. Still other ingredients can arouse sexual desire since they are psychologically suggestive because of their aroma, shape or color. One of the most popular aphrodisiacs known to humankind is fennel which has the added virtue of being a health-enhancing tonic for women.


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