Honeymoon in British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. Though widely known as a tax haven, the Islands boast of some of the prettiest locales in the Caribbean with golden sun-kissed beaches and calm blue waters. If your idea of a honeymoon is something similar, then here is a bit about the romantic possibilities of British Virgin Islands.

Sightseeing in Tortola Island

The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and cays. Only around fifteen of the islands are inhabited which means that you and your beloved can have ample solitude to romance each other. The largest among these is Tortola, a mountainous island which offers a plethora of scenic, adventure and cultural attractions. Secluded Brewer’s Bay, reached via hairpin turns, is known for its snorkeling and swimming, while nearby Cane Garden Bay has water sports concessions and plenty of open-air caf├ęs. If you’re feeling adventurous, head inland to Tortola’s Sage Mountain, a 92-acre, semi-rainforest national park with the BVI’s highest point. On the shores, you’ll find myriad deserted beaches, sheltered bays and stellar sunsets. Just as the sun sets, you’ll want to find yourselves in one of the many barefoot beachside bars of the capital city Road Town that offer lively happy hours that turn even livelier when night falls. It’s where you’ll find a wide variety of hotels and restaurants, as well as lots of nightlife and shopping options. Here, you may want to pick up souvenirs like local spices and rum in the busy marketplace.

Popular beach attractions

Located on Beef Island, across from the Terrence B Lettsome Airport, Trellis Bay is one of those places in the British Virgin Islands that has grown in popularity very quickly. The main attractions are located on a stretch of beach that harvest many stores and shops including art, markets, restaurants, a cyber cafe and a car rental. Ferries are available to really close by islands and islets such as Scrub Island Marina and Resort, Marina Cay Hotel & Restaurant, The Last Resort Bar and Restaurant at Bellamy Cay and even Virgin Gorda. Yacht mooring also allows many sailing enthusiasts to enjoy this part of the Isles. The Trellis Bay Community also has full moon parties where fire exhibitions, sales of art and craft and other tourist activities take place. Trellis Bay is becoming as popular as Foxy's in Jost Van Dyke for its New Year's party celebrations which attract more and more visitors each year.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

The island of Virgin Gorda, or Fat Virgin, is said to have gotten its name from Christopher Columbus, who thought it resembled a reclining woman. Though more low-key than Tortola, it still has some of the British Virgin Islands’ swankiest resorts, appealing to those who like some luxury served along with sublime natural beauty. No wonder then that Island boasts of the most famous beach in the British Virgin Islands, the Baths. Here, massive boulders at the water’s edge form an eerie labyrinth of caves, caverns and tidal pools, where you can wade and swim, though watch out for Sally light foot crabs. On the island’s west side are several postcard-perfect beaches, including Mahoe and Savannah, where snorkelers might spot sea turtles among the coral reefs. Don’t miss a chance to get a bird’s-eye view of Virgin Gorda which can enjoy by climbing to the top of 1,359-foot-high Gorda Peak in the middle of the island for dazzling 360-degree vistas. A fabulous trail between and over the boulders leads to the Devil’s Bay – the white sandy beach adjacent to The Baths. After a romantic day of sun-bathing or snorkelling with your beloved, you can cool off in the evening at Chez Bamboo, a festive restaurant with garden seating and serving Caribbean and Cajun delicacies such as conch gumbo and red snapper en papillote. At night, get grooving as the eatery’s outdoor bar turns into an after-dinner hotspot with reggae music and dancing.

Solitary pleasures of Anegada

Anegada is a quiet little isle at the northernmost point of the chain of islands making up this country. Its name means "drowned" island, because Unlike Tortola or Virgin Gorda, which are volcanic in origin, Anegada is a flat coral-and-limestone atoll. All this makes the island one of the most isolated which is perfect if you are looking for a honeymoon destination where you can be largely alone with your beloved. The main beach here is Loblolly Bay but apart from that, Anegada has plenty of serene stretches, including Flash of Beauty and Cow Wreck, where you can spread out a towel and be blissfully alone all day. For adventure loving couples, choices of activities are endless—fishing for blue marlin, snorkeling at Horseshoe reef, diving amid sunken ships and sailing around the clear waters. Wildlife lovers can go for sightings of the indigenous Anegada rock iguana, which can grow to six feet in length. And there's also a flock of roseate flamingos, which can be found wading in the island's salt ponds. When night falls, the tiny island can surprise you with its partying ways. A favored dining spot on Loblolly Bay is Big Bamboo, which sells Anegada's sweet local lobster, grilled and served with rice and veggies. Or join the yachting crowd at Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Grill, a fun and funky beach bar with super-strong Wreck Punches, a sweet mix of cane rum and fruit juices. If you are in the mood for just chilling out, take advantage of the hammocks and join your spouse as you watch the sun go down in a fiery sky.

Callwood Rum Distillery

For couples with a love of history, especially of the spirited kind, a great place to check out on your British Virgin Islands honeymoon would be the Callwood Rum Distillery located in Tortola, Cane Garden Bay. This Distillery still produces rum in much of the way it did in the 18th and 19th century. Visiting this site is a wonderful experience, where you can view the architecture of an 18th century building and sample great tasting rum.

Dolphin Discovery at Prospect Reef

Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy watching dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery at Prospect Reef Hotel, located in Road Reef, Tortola. Here you and your partner will first greeted by dolphins at their home and enjoy a series of tricks including handshake, dorsal tow, dolphin kiss, dolphin song and foot push. Later you can enjoy some free time with the delightful marine creatures and perhaps even go swimming with bottle nose dolphins in Tortola's surrounding waters.

Cultural Delights

Along with scenic beaches, British Virgin Islands boast of a vibrant culture, centered on food and music. So on your honeymoon, make it a point to sample the traditional music of the land which is called fungi after the local cornmeal dish with the same name, often made with okra. The special sound of fungi is due to a unique local fusion between African and European music. Apart from being a form of festive dance music, fungi often contains humorous social commentaries, as well as the oral history of the land. While many of the bars in Tortola feature fungi music, one of the best places to catch it is Bomba’s Shack located in Capoons Bay. This surf side shack has become one of the most famous hangouts and party spots in the Caribbean for visitors in recent times. The biggest parties at Bomba's Shack takes place on nights when the moon is full and if tourist tales are to be believed, things can get pretty wild at Bomba’s full moon parties.

Private Resorts

However if you are looking for the ultimate in over-the-top romance and luxury service on your honeymoon, head to one of the archipelago's most beautiful islands that have been transformed into private island resorts. Some of these are Peter Island, Guana Island and Scrub Island - all remote paradises with lavish villas and beaches you can have all to yourself. In case you have had your fill of lounging in the sun, plan a day trip to any of the smaller islands which In addition to jaw-dropping natural beauty, boast of many world-famous watering holes. On Norman Island, you and your partner can go snorkeling in the Cave while just off Salt Island, you can scuba dive among shipwrecks like the RMS Rhone, which sank in a hurricane in 1867. In all the British Virgin Islands offer you innumerable choices for a romantic honeymoon that you are sure to remember for the rest of your lives.