How to Improve your Stamina Naturally and Boost your Love Life


Modern living has proved to be a mixed blessing – while it has made a plethora of recreational options available and increased our leisure time; it has also raised levels of stress in our lives. And one of the areas where the effect is most directly felt is in our love lives. If you want to boost your stamina and bring more staying power in your love life, here are a few natural ways to do it.

Get up and get moving

The role of physical exercise in improving stamina cannot be overestimated. The more people spend time working at their desk, the longer they watch television or surf the internet, the lower their natural level of stamina sinks. So one of the first things you need to do is to get a good work out. Various types of aerobic exercises are helpful in increasing muscle tone of the body which is useful in boosting stamina and maintaining agility. Being supple and agile will thus ensure that you are  comfortable in various sexual positions.  Then there cardiovascular exercises which pump are hugely useful for improving stamina as well as revving up the circulatory system of the human body. Apart from building staying power, these exercises help in increasing blood flow to the sex organs which is critical for the right transmission of hormones in order to stimulate the mind and senses and make sex pleasurable. Other than these, you can also try specific exercises which will help you to be in action for a longer period of time apart from heightening partner satisfaction. Women who go through pregnancies and childbirth may find their pelvic muscles getting loose and therefore resulting in reduced pleasure while lovemaking. The Kegel’s exercise, which involves an act of holding urine, is an effective way of not only increasing pleasure during vaginal intercourse but also in cutting down the risk of developing urinary incontinence in later life. Men too in fact stand to benefit from Kegel’s exercise. Studies have found that men with erectile dysfunction often report that they have improved or regained normal functions by regularly doing Kegel’s exercise.

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Finally working out will help you cut down flab, give your muscles a toned look and thus make you look and feel good about yourself – all important aids to have a satisfying love life.

Eat right

It is extremely important to follow a healthy diet if you want to build up your physical and sexual stamina. The first thing you need to do is to cut down on fried and oily foods which not only lead to obesity but actually make the body sluggish and tired very easily. If one is to experience as well as give sexual pleasure, it is crucial that the body weight be maintained within appropriate limits. Results of several studies in fact show that obesity is a definite risk factor for erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. So, stick to a diet which will help you to keep your weight within healthy limits. Make sure your meals are rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. When going for proteins stick to fish and white meat instead of fat-rich red meat.

However don’t go off fats completely since they are necessary in the production of hormones. Cholesterol is metabolized in the liver and two importantly by-products are testosterone and estrogen – hormones crucial for sex drive. The important thing is to stick to the ‘good facts’ which are available in foods like salmon, olive oil and nuts. Above all, make sure your diet is stocked with heart-healthy foods. The heart is the organ which is responsible for pumping blood all over the body and a diet high in saturated fats can clog the arteries and impair blood flow to the genital regions. This will not only decrease stamina but also interfere with your ability to perform.

Get enough sleep

One of the biggest hindrances to a satisfying love life is increased amounts of stress in daily life. When men and women are not putting in a ten-hour working day, they are networking with others over drinks or on the internet. All this cuts down on the time you get for sleep which in the end is the only time your body can really rest and do its regenerative work. If your body is not getting enough sleep, it is bound to feel sluggish, tired and eventually cut down your stamina too. Other than stress at work, sleep deprivation may also occur due to snoring by your partner, sleep apnea, uncomfortable bedroom conditions or emotional problems. So no matter how hectic your schedule is, ensure that you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night so that all the systems of your body are revitalized and the next day you have adequate energy to go to work, do chores around the house and have good sex too.

Follow the healthy lifestyle

If you want to build up your natural stamina, it is necessary that you follow a healthy lifestyle as well. And this means reducing your intake of alcohol and getting rid of the smoking habit. Despite popular notions of heightening sexual desire, alcohol actually works like an anesthetic and having a drink too many will numb the nerve sense in a person’s sex organs. The result may range from failure to get an erection to inability to reach orgasm. Worst of all is the impact of smoking on your sexual stamina. Federally-funded medical studies. Smokers who are going through half a packet every day experience diminished sex drive, even if they are in their 20s and 30s. Again smoking negatively affects the male sexual performance by interfering with smooth erectile function. When diminished desire is combined with impaired performance, the overall sexual experience is bound to be unsatisfactory. So put out that cigarette if you want a more fulfilling love life, not to mention a longer and healthier life over all.

Manage your medication

Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy healthy body till the end of their lives. Many people develop or are born with medical conditions which need extra care and/or medication for life. Some of these like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease not only lead to reduced stamina but have also been known to directly hamper sexual drive. So it is necessary that you follow everything required to manage your medical condition, if you have one. This will not only ensure that your conditions stays in check but help you to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life as well.