The Ten Best Sex Positions for Women


Women enjoy sex best when there is a balance between pleasure and comfort. While some of them may get adventurous enough to act a partner’s fantasies every now and then, on the whole they are more drawn to what gives maximum pleasure with minimum of effort. Here are ten best sex positions for women ranging from the common to the kinky.

Riding him, cowgirl style

Women simply love being on top for the same reason that men do – it gives them a feeling of being in charge which is potent enough to act like a turn-on. Moreover straddling across her partner also gives a woman enough room to maneuver the act of the intercourse, thus enabling her to orgasm better.

The creative missionary

The man-on-woman position, also known as the missionary style if by far the most common sex position. Most of the times women prefer this one for the simple reason that it is comfortable and does not call for the flexibility of a gymnast. But for the same reason, it does not mean that the missionary position should get boring or predictable. All it requires is a little imagination and passion from the male partner. For instance the male partner on top, could use his tongue to trace a moist line down the woman’s throat and breasts or if she enjoys displays of dominance, he could hold her head back while she begs to be taken.

Mix of sitting and standing

Yet another position that women enjoy is when they are sitting on a surface whose level reaches till the waist of the standing male partner. This allows a woman to spread her legs wide to receive her partner thus placing her vagina exactly against the man’s groin and thereby increasing her chances of a G-spot orgasm. At the same time the guy has the convenience of a full and deep penetration. However for the same reason, this position requires the guy to take it slow or he may climax early. A couple can use the kitchen counter, the dining table or even the hood of the car for this sex position.

A private lap-dance

A variant of the woman-on-top position, in this one, the guy reclines on a couch while the woman half sits and half lies across him. The reason why a girl loves this one is because it allows her to brace herself against the back of the sofa thereby obtaining adequate leverage to ride her partner to orgasm. In fact she can use just one hand to support herself while she uses the other to stimulate her clitoris and heighten her own pleasure.

Spooning up pleasure

Here the woman lies with her back to the guy who is facing her back and buttocks, much in the way spoons are stacked against each other. The chief reason why women love this one is because they adore the feel of a man’s chest against their backs and the enveloping warmth of his arms around her body, which is indicative of love and protection. As a sex position, this allows a woman the pleasure of penetration from behind while the guy gets a good grip by holding onto her hips. The man in fact can enhance his partner’s pleasure by rubbing his groin against her hips or by stimulating her clitoris from behind.

Getting down on her

Giving a woman the oral is one of the surest ways to make her come. This is because the clitoris is a supremely sensitive organ and when stimulated by tongue or a finger can guarantee orgasm like little else can. The male partner however should not use his tongue as a human vibrator but should start by kissing and caressing the clitoris, urethra and vaginal opening. And when the clitoris hardens, he can use his finger to delve into the vaginal area and stimulate the G-spot. He can be guided by his partner on this, since most men are not exactly clear where the G-spot lies. As the woman’s clitoris and G-spot soak in the stimulation, she will be well on her way to orgasm.

Giving the man a blowjob

Even though this usually tops the list of best male sex positions, oral sex on a guy can be pleasurable to women also. This is because for women sex is as much about giving love as receiving it. However a man needs to ensure that he is well-groomed and has been wearing clean underwear. Also it would help if he can guide his female partner on how he likes a blowjob best which mainly involves the right degree of pressure of the kind of strokes he likes.

Doing it ‘doggy style’

This sex position has received rather some bad press on account of it being a standard fixture in porn videos. But if done with sensitivity and care on the part of the man, there is no reason why a woman cannot enjoy getting down on all the fours as well. For instance, if the guy instead of standing straight while penetrating his partner, leans over to caress her breasts or her clitoris, she will not only be nicely stimulated but closer to experiencing an orgasm with him. What matters in this style is that it is done with intimacy and mutual pleasure so that the woman is not made to feel like an object.

Standing up from behind

This position is a variation on the former and involves a woman standing up with her knees slightly bent forward instead of getting down on all fours as in the ‘doggy-style’. Here a woman arches forward a little so that her partner’s movements from behind push forward on her G-spot which is exactly what she needs for pleasurable sex.

The sixty-nine

This is as kinky as it gets with the partners lying on their sides, facing each other but the position of the heads reversed in the manner of the aforementioned number.  Primarily meant for oral sex, the position allows each partner access to the other’s genitals by mouth. While climaxing together in this position is tricky and may require practice, the main thing for couples is to enjoy the uniqueness of the posture and have fun.

Women, like men, vary in their individual turn-ons and choice of sexual positions. What may drive one woman crazy with pleasure might be uncomfortable for another. However the important thing is to remember that if gone about with mutual love and comfort, there is little that a woman will not enjoy or be game for.