10 Erogenous Zones of Women that You Should Know About


A woman’s body,  like her heart,  can be a mystery to even the most experienced of lovers. This is because different women have different turn-ons or their favorite kind of foreplay may vary from one to another. However if you are looking to make some mind-blowing love to your woman, here are ten erogenous zones that you should know about.

Get lucky with her lips

In cultures where couples kiss frequently and openly on the mouth, lips might not seem so hot after all. However there is much more you can do with a woman’s lips besides kissing. Begin by lightly brushing her lips with yours and then go on to entice them to open wider. Follow it up by licking her upper and lower lips till she allows you to explore her deeper. Go on to bite her gently on the bottom lip to give your woman a taste of what is yet to come.

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Reach for her wrist

The inside of a woman’s wrist is covered with an extremely fine layer of skin which makes the area very sensitive. So when she lets you hold her hand, turn it over to expose the inner wrist. Lightly blow over the area and when she giggles in nervous delight, nuzzle deeper or gently nibble on the inside of the wrist till a frisson of excitement runs through your woman.

Whisper naughty nothings

It is a proven fact that while men are more excited by visual stimuli, auditory or psychological stimulation works equally well, if not better,  for women. So to get your girlfriend into the mood, whisper your secret sexual fantasies into her ear and while you are at it, use your lips to trace a feathery pattern along her earlobes. Once she responds in a positive way, gently lick the inside of her ear with the tip of your tongue or suck the small end of the lobe where the earring goes.

The nape of the neck

The nape of the neck is one of the most erogenous parts of a woman’s body that you can access without the necessity of removing any item of clothing. The skin on the neck and throat of a woman is remarkably tender and can be stimulated with even a warm breath. If you want to take a more definite approach in the foreplay, then focus on the back of the neck and kiss or lick with the tip of your tongue. Remember to keep the touch light enough to be teasing but not too much or it will produce a tickling sensation. If you want to prepare for a long night, then you could also give your partner a massage in this area which will relax the tension in her neck and shoulders and get her ready to for some heavy-duty lovemaking.

Play footsie

The feet might not figure among the top female hotspots in most men’s imagination but there is nothing like a light stroke on the ankles to send a woman shivering with pleasure. Also don’t forget to trace out the contours of her foot with your fingers and when she begins to get the message use your mouth to suck her toes.  However for those men who are squeamish at the thought of licking something which has been sweating in leather the whole day, a massage is a good alternative. Women love to have their feet massaged, mainly because of the stress which accumulates with wearing high heels or being up and about the whole day. Keep a light aromatic oil handy and use gentle to moderate pressure to mould her feet till she purrs with pleasure. 

The knees have it

Few men are aware that the back of a woman’s knees are replete with hundreds of nerve endings which make the area exceedingly sensitive to touch. So after you have finished with the feet, let your fingers travel up and caress the back of her knees. Follow this up by licking the area with the tip of your tongue and even some light nibbling. However keep an ear open to any sign of discomfort and as soon as she expresses it, move on to the next area.

Inner thighs

Inner thighs are again one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body. While most men give it a cursory stroke on the way to the clitoris, it is actually the ideal place for long, airy strokes with the finger tips or the edge of your tongue. Use variations in pressure or alternate warm kisses with cool breath till your woman is shivering in anticipation.

Her butt

Reward her by moving on to the buttocks. Wide hips and buttocks have long been considered as signs of fertility in ancient cultures and it is no wonder that they figure prominently as one of the most erogenous parts of the female body. You could begin by caressing and fondling your partner’s buttocks and then move on to light squeezing too. Because of the relatively denser muscle mass in this area, a woman usually enjoys a greater degree of pressure here.


Breasts are the most obvious hotspots of a woman’s body but resist the urge to go for the nipples straightaway. Build up the momentum by gently stroking or caressing down the collarbone or upwards from the ribs. Use semi-circular strokes in the same direction as you come nearer the breasts. Besides gently squeezing and fondling the breasts with your hands, use your tongue to lick or your teeth to nibble on her nipples till she is begging for more.

Now to Ground Zero

One of the definite signs of sexual arousal in a woman is the lubrication of her vagina. This makes it easier to find and stimulate the clitoris which is a surefire way of preparing her body to receive yours. The G-spot is yet another erogenous zone in the female genital area but because it can be difficult to find, let your partner guide you towards this.

While the right kind of attention to the female hotspots is invaluable for sexual arousal, it is a good idea to remember that not all bodies are the same. What drives one woman wild may not work with another. So finally your best guide is your partner whose responses will tell you the best way to go about on this most amazing and intimate of journeys.