Some movies are enduring classic stories of romance. There is a certain magic about these tales of love between the most unlikely of people and who meet in the strangest of circumstances. But these movies stay with you long after you have watched them.

The top ten classic romantic movies are as follows:

Popular culture has always been a fairly accurate representation of what people feel in a particular time and place. Hollywood movies especially reflect emotions and feelings in a powerful way so much so that sometimes characters on the silver screen appear to say and think exactly what lies in people’s hearts, particularly when it comes to love. Here are some of the most famous love quotes from Hollywood movies, ranging from the iconic to the deeply emotional.

“I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where”.

The new millennium has seen a slew of wonderful romantic movies released in its early years. These are of different genres like romantic comedy, historic romance,    romantic horror movies or holiday romances.

The top ten romantic movies of the 2000’s would be as follows:

Some romantic movies touch your heart deeply. Their tragic twist knots up your heart and brings in the tears. So grab some tissue and settle down to watch these sad and romantic tales of love:

Christmas is the time for Santa Claus, Christmas trees and mistletoe. Many romantic movies have been made revolving around Christmas time. Some of the movies with Christmas as a backdrop are as below:

Valentine’s Day is all about romance-falling in love or falling out of love. There are number of romantic comedies you can watch on Valentine’s Day. Some are about Valentine’s Day; others are a treat reserved for that day.
Top ten movies for a perfect Valentine’s Day are:

During the 1980’s there released many romantic movies that can still tug at your heartstrings. The Top ten romantic movies of that decade would be:

Some immortal cinematic tales have emerged from Scotland. These include grand epics against the sweeping Scottish highlands to tales of urban angst in modern day Edinburgh. Some of the enjoyable romantic tales from Scotland are as follows:

Some of the true stories of life are stranger than fiction. Movies based on true life romances will capture your heart and stay fresh in your memory forever.

Some of the movies based on true life romances are as follows:

The Second World War was a horrific episode of international conflagration with its abundance of tragic tales. Against this backdrop, there are some heart stopping romantic tales which have been captured for the silver screen by able directors. Some of the most romantic World War 2 movies are as follows:


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